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Superscript® IV Reverse Transcriptase is designed to set a new standard for performance in RT-PCR and RT-qPCR.

  • - Significantly improved resistance to a variety of inhibitors that interfere with cDNA synthesis
  • - Robust and specific cDNA synthesis from a wide range of sample types
  • - Fast reverse transcriptase reaction to reduce the incubation time from 50+ minutes to 10 minutes
  • - Significantly improved processivity over SuperScript® III Reverse Transcriptase

SuperScript® IV Reverse Transcriptase is available as stand-alone enzyme or in a first-strand synthesis system format. The first-strand synthesis system includes dNTPs, oligo(dT)20, random hexamers, control primers, and required buffer components. All necessary components are in separate tubes for maximum optimization of cDNA synthesis and to enable success for every experiment.

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SuperScript® IV Reverse Transcriptase FAQs

SKU Name Size
18090010 SuperScript® IV Reverse Transcriptase 2,000 units
18090050 SuperScript® IV Reverse Transcriptase 10,000 units
18090200 SuperScript® IV Reverse Transcriptase 4 x 10,000 units
18091050 SuperScript® IV First-Strand Synthesis System 50 reactions
18091200 SuperScript® IV First-Strand Synthesis System 200 reactions