TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays enable highly sensitive and specific quantification of mature miRNAs using qPCR. Together with the TaqMan Advanced miRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit, this solution provides a streamlined upfront workflow that is ideal for analysis of multiple miRNA targets from a single sample or low-level RNA samples such as serum and plasma. 

  • Universal RT—one RT step for all TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays
  • Sensitivity—detect as few as 60 copies input into cDNA synthesis
  • Specificity—detect only the mature miRNA and distinguish between highly homologous targets
  • Small sample input—detect and quantify mature miRNA from as little as 1pg of total RNA or 2 µL plasma
  • Compatibility with biofluids including human serum, plasma, and tissue

SKU Name Size
A28007 TaqMan™ Advanced miRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit 50 reactions