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Value Oligos are the most cost-effective and fastest delivery oligos that you can order. Whether you require a 5-mer, a 40-mer, or anything in between, the price you pay is fixed. Save more by ordering more, get discounted pricing when you order 25 or more of the same type of oligos. The discounted prices will be updated in the cart.

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SKU Description Synthesis scale Purification Format Price per oligo
(when orders ≤ 24 oligos)
Price per oligo
(when orders ≥ 25 oligos)
A15612 DNA Oligo, 25N, Desalted, Dry 25 nmole Desalted Dry $5 $3.75
A15613 Next-day DNA Oligo, 25N, Desalted, Dry (ordered before 1 PM EST) 25 nmole Desalted Dry $5 $3.75
A15611 DNA Oligo, 25N, Desalted, Liquid 25 nmole Desalted Dry $5 $3.75
A15610 DNA Oligo, 50N, Desalted, Dry 25 nmole Desalted Liquid (100 µM in water) $7 $4.75
A15609 DNA Oligo, 50N, Desalted, Liquid 50 nmole Desalted Dry $8 $5.50
A15614 DNA Oligo, 50N, Cartridge, Dry 50 nmole Cartridge Dry $22 $15
A15608 DNA Oligo, 50N, Cartridge, Liquid 50 nmole Cartridge Liquid (100 µM in water) $24 $17
A15607 DNA Oligo, 50N, HPLC, Dry 50 nmole HPLC Dry $48 $40
A15606 DNA Oligo, 50N, HPLC, Liquid 50 nmole HPLC Liquid (100 µM in water) $50 $42
A15605 DNA Oligo, 50N, PAGE, Dry 50 nmole PAGE Dry $50 $42
A15604 DNA Oligo, 50N, PAGE, Liquid 50 nmole PAGE Liquid (100 µM in water) $52 $44
A15603 Next-day service fee (up to 48 oligos per order) N/A N/A N/A $15 per order $15 per order