Tools for Apoptosis

Flow cytometry assays

Assays for measuring apoptosis using flow cytometry

  • Plasma membrane
  • Mitochondrial
  • Caspase
  • Nuclear apoptosis
  • Multiparametric apoptosis assays for flow cytometry

Microscopy assays

Assays for measuring apoptosis using imaging

  • Caspase activity
  • DNA fragmentation and morphology
  • Annexin V staining
  • Membrane potential and other mitochondrial assays

High-content analysis

Measuring apoptosis using high-content analysis (HCA)

  • Automating TUNEL analysis

Microplate assays

Population-based assays for measuring caspase activity

  • Live-cell
  • Caspase-3/7
  • Other caspase substrates


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