Two is more powerful than one. 

In nature, powerful duos support one another’s strengths and offset weaknesses thus enabling propagation and survival on Earth. In science, our greatest discoveries often resulted from one-to-one collaboration of brilliant minds. In molecular biology, some of the most efficient research tools were created by the perfect fusion of individual elements. Let us help with your next big discovery by offering in one location these powerful molecular biology tools and technical resources you need to move your research forward.


Robust tools for your PCR workflow. Now at even better prices.

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Phusion™ High-Fidelity DNA Polymerases

High performing DNA polymerases created by a perfect fusion.

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Powerful Twos
Match Game

Discover powerful twos from nature and science with the memory match game.

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PCR Resources

Find useful PCR resources for your everyday research. View our recorded webinars to learn about PCR basics, applications and recent advancements. Benefit from PCR tips and tricks presented in videos and technical information from spotlight articles and application notes.


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