TaqMan Assay files are moving to online access for select TaqMan Assay products

The content CDs included with selected TaqMan™ Assay, Array Card, and Array Plate products will be phased out starting in 2016. Instead of receiving assay documentation on a CD contained within the delivery package, the content will now be accessible online. The online system will be secure and accessed only with information related to the product shipped.

This new delivery method reduces waste while allowing content to be easily accessible to all relevant users. We estimate 34.4 metric tons of CO2 emissions will be avoided every year by not producing these CDs.


Online access is expected to be available starting in November 2015. Return to thermofisher.com/taqmanfiles at that time to access your files.

CDs will continue to ship with TaqMan products for several months to provide an overlap period, when either method can be used to obtain your assay files. In early 2016, TaqMan Assay CDs will be discontinued and all files will be accessible online.

Products affected

  • Single-tube TaqMan Assays 
  • TaqMan Array Cards 
  • TaqMan Array Plates 
  • TaqMan OpenArray TPF & SPF plate files are already accessible online

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local sales representative.