We believe you shouldn’t sacrifice more than absolutely necessary

 As an immunologists studying T-cells, you know how important the sample preparation step is to your final results. You want to base your research on a healthy, pure and viable T cell population.
Starting Material
  Don’t sacrifice your precious starting material (mice, human blood sample, etc.) With Dynabeads®, you need less sample than with alternative technologies.
Time & Effort
  Don’t sacrifice your valuable time by isolating T cells with sub-optimal yield, recovery, purity or viability. With Dynabeads®, you’ll get it right the first time.
  Don’t run the risk of your results being variable and not reflecting the in-vivo situation. With Dynabeads®, you know you’ll get accurate results, every time.
Dynabeads Introductory Offer
We want you to give you the best possible starting point for your T cell research. The gentle tube-based Dynabeads® magnetic technology ensures that :

  • Your cells are not exposed to the stress of being passed through a column
  • No worry about the reproducibility of your final results
If you’re still not convinced - check out these results.

Dynabeads Result Charts
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