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Our industry-leading portfolio of services helps researchers get tough projects started and accelerate results. Our team of experts are able to help consult on a variety of projects with the high quality you expect from Thermo Fisher Scientific brands including Gibco, Invitrogen, Ion Torrent, and Applied Biosystems.

At Thermo Fisher Scientific we strive meet every challenge our customers take on with decades of experience in bringing innovation to research and look forward to working with you on your next project. We have standard and custom services for almost every need in your cell-based research.

From genome editing, custom media and cell line engineering to custom antibody production and viral vector services, we have the expertise to help move your projects forward. Contact our dedicated project management team today and find out more about how we can partner to help create a better solution for life-saving research together.

Our services at a glance

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Stem cell services

  • Reprogramming
  • Differentiation
  • Characterization
  • Assay development
  • Genomic analysis


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3D Services

  • Cancer spheroids
  • Primary cell spheroids
  • Organoids
  • Organotypic models
  • Custom 3D projects


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Custom projects

  • Custom assays
  • Genome editing
  • Cell line engineering
  • Disease modeling


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Drug discovery

  • Profiling
  • Target/Lead ID
  • Cell-line generation
  • Cellular & biochemical assay development
  • Cell banking

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Disease modeling services

  • iPSC or Patient-derived Custom cell generation
  • Genome editing
  • Stem cell editing
  • Organoid & Spheroid generation and screening services


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GeneArt protein expression and purification services

  • Gene expression optimization
  • Transfection-ready plasmid preparation
  • High-yield recombinant protein expression from mammalian and insect cells (small-scale studies as well as scale-up)
  • Protein purification

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Cell & gene therapy services

  • Custom media and single-use technologies
  • Bioproduction services
  • Custom purification solutions
  • Commercial supply chain

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Viral vector services

  • GMP viral vector manufacturing
  • Process and analytical development
  • Commercial supply

Virus production services

GMP Viral vector manufacturing

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Gibco Media Express

  • Small-scale prototypes
  • Multiple media formats
  • Rapid delivery


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PD Express

  • Media test panel solutions
  • Feeds & supplements panels
  • Quick start media screening
  • Media & cell line development
  • Media analytical services
  • Media manufacturing

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Why partner with Thermo Fisher Scientific services teams

Why partner with Thermo Fisher Scientific services teams
  • Access to new technologies or methods you don’t currently have in-house or need help with
  • Access to unique skill sets or specialized resources to quickly move your project forward
  • Flexibility by freeing up your R&D resources to focus on other strategically important initiatives
  • Dedicated/focused resources to help accelerate your timelines

The Cell Biology Services lab in Carlsbad, CA is proud to receive a My Green Lab Green Certification.

Recognized by the United Nations Race to Zero campaign as a key measure of progress towards a zero-carbon future, My Green Lab Certification is considered an excellent standard for laboratory sustainability.

My Green Lab Certification is a proven, scalable program that helps organizations achieve their sustainability goals. It offers tried-and-true methods rooted in science to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of laboratories without disrupting the critical work underway. We are delighted to join a community of hundreds of labs that have been My Green Lab certified.

Discover how we are innovating with the planet in mind

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Cell & gene therapy services

From custom media services to single-use technologies, and regulatory support, Thermo Fisher Scientific has the expertise and equipment to help you scale your research from clinical manufacturing to commercial supply.

Stem cell services

We can offer stem cell researchers choices for all stages of research and custom service offerings that utilizes our team of stem cell experts to deliver your desired results. Learn more about how team of scientists can help you reprogram, differentiate and characterize your stem cells as well as help screen and test for genomic anomalies and pluripotency.

Drug discovery services

Thermo Fisher Scientific scientists can help researchers do more by delivering services that assist in creating predictive answers for drug discovery exploration. With committed specialists who listen to your needs, and a team of R&D, project managers and customer services with decades of experience in screening, profiling and custom assay development.

Custom biology projects

When your studies require non-standard, reliable, high-quality solutions, count on our custom biology services teams. We offer one-on-one consultation for standard custom projects or we can help consult, plan and execute out-of-box, novel solutions to help with life-saving research.

GeneArt protein production services

GeneArt protein production services afford a dependable way to obtain correctly folded native protein from transiently transfected mammalian or insect cells. We use optimized conditions, allowing us to obtain higher yields of purified proteins. Protein services also now available with ExpiCHO and Expi293 Expression Systems for rapid, high-yield antibody production.

Viral vector services

We help enable researchers to deliver breakthrough medicines to patients by helping them realize the potential of gene therapy. Backed by over 12 years of viral vector services, our Brammer Bio team aims to speed the  transition from the development lab to patients through commercial approval, while helping meet stringent cGMP standards.

Gibco Media Express

Fast non-GMP media production helps accelerate custom media development and scale-up. Every culture project is unique and backed with Gibco product reliability, now available via our custom service, an excellent solution for:

  • Small-scale process development for bioprocessing
  • Bench research for high-throughput screening, cell media research, or cell therapy

PD Express

Gibco PD Express wants to partner with you for all your upstream media needs. We also understand the importance of transparency and having products developed specifically for your unique program. This is why with Gibco PD Express it’s not just about what we do, but how we do it.

Custom antibody services

Comprehensive support for all steps of antibody production—from peptide design, synthesis, and carrier protein conjugation to animal immunization, serum collection, or hybridoma fusion, titer analysis, and final antibody purification. We can also immunize with recombinant proteins or protein fragments provided by you (or expressed and purified in our lab using cDNAs from our extensive in-house genomics library) to generate antibodies in rabbits, chickens, goats, guinea pigs, mice, or rats.

3D services

Whether you are just beginning your research in 3D cell modeling and need to learn more about organoids or spheroids or need appropriate tools to validate your models, reach out today and find out more about how we can partner or provide custom solutions to help accelerate your 3D research projects or provide help as you start in this new arena. 

Intended use of the products mentioned on this page vary. For specific intended use statements please refer to the product label.