Drug Production, Commercialization, & Post-Approval

From drug production to commercialization and post-marketing approval studies


With our Combined CDMO and CRO—“CRDMO”—expertise, Thermo Fisher Scientific supports commercial drug manufacturing, GMP testing, global logistics, post-approval regulatory services, and safety studies, and provides extensive RWD/E registry information, and product life-cycle consulting.

Our unique, fully end-to-end approach ensures shared accountability across commercialization, production, and post-approval processes, helping to enable increased speed, simplicity and scalability.

Drug production, commercialization, and post-approval service for your drug development journey

Select a commercial drug manufacturing, clinical research, or laboratory service in the table below to learn more about how we can help you during your new drug commercialization process and beyond.

In-House Manufacturing Solutions




Building an ecosystem of connected CRDMO services to support your asset development

We’ve forged a unique approach backed by decades of experience and know how.


Central to this approach is accountability, ensuring that across drug substance manufacturing, drug product manufacturing, clinical supply, and clinical trial research there is a collaborative approach, with joint program management and data transparency—leading the way to exceptional outcomes.


Accelerate your asset development and proactively mitigate risks


Fewer vendors, centralized governance and program coordination for streamlined execution


Global networks with regional expertise for seamless scale-up