Phase I–III Clinical Trial Services

Addressing your Phase I–III clinical trial needs


Providing support across all aspects and all phases of your clinical trials


With our Combined CDMO and CRO—“CRDMO”—expertise, Thermo Fisher Scientific has end-to-end capabilities supporting Phase I-Phase III clinical trials. We have a unique ability to support every aspect of your clinical research using either an FSO or FSP model, whether you want a decentralized or site-based trial, and we provide clinical manufacturing and supply services, too. Our 30+ years of advancing clinical trials means we have the resources and expertise you need to support clinical trial success.


Our unique, fully end-to-end approach ensures shared accountability throughout all the clinical trial phases and across the clinical trial supply chain, helping to enable increased speed, simplicity, and scalability.

Leveraging an integrated CRO + CDMO service approach, a top-10 pharma company with multiple studies across >450 sites and >800 patients realized:

  • Speed: achieved first site activated 13 days ahead of the milestone for one study and exceeded 2023 enrollment stretch goals on two studies
  • Simplicity: reduced customer meeting time during study start up by ~35%
  • Scale: avoided $200K worth of unnecessary client spend on ancillary equipment from proactive planning with specialists; identified additional clinical sites for future enrollment

By the numbers:

2,800 Clinical trials conducted by Thermo Fisher Scientific in the past 5-years

7,600 Compounds were worked on the past 5-years

500K+ Clinical trial supply shipments

10,000+ Clinical trials supported

Clinical trial services across your drug development journey

Select a clinical trial service in the table to learn more about how we can help you with specific requirements in Phase I-III of your clinical trials.




Building an ecosystem of connected CRDMO services to support your asset development

We’ve forged a unique approach backed by decades of experience and know how.


Central to this approach is accountability, ensuring that across drug substance manufacturing, drug product manufacturing, clinical supply, and clinical trial research there is a collaborative approach, with joint program management and data transparency—leading the way to exceptional outcomes.


Accelerate your asset development and proactively mitigate risks


Fewer vendors, centralized governance and program coordination for streamlined execution


Global networks with regional expertise for seamless scale-up