Express Your Gene in Any Cell Line

Creating stable cell lines is time-consuming and complex. Invitrogen Custom Services delivers the cell lines you need with the highest quality and service.

What We Do

Invitrogen can develop your cell line to stably express your gene of interest (constitutive or inducible). Applications include drug screening, differentiation studies, or inducible expression studies.

Our expert team of scientists have years of experience creating stable cell lines and will work with you to ensure your cell line meets your requirements.

Cell Line Development Systems

Flp-In™ system—single integration in a random genomic locus, isogenic cell lines.

Jump-In™ system—single integration at specific genomic locations called pseudo-attP sites, isogenic cell lines.

T-REx™ system
—inducible expression of your gene of interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What development system is best for you?
A. Our skilled project management team will work with you to define the best development method for your particular cell line application. Contact us to discuss this further.
For more information, call 800.955.6288 x2, or e-mail   A project manager will respond to your inquiry within 2 business days.