Single-Copy Isogenic Cell Lines

Some stable cell lines may contain multiple integrations of a gene of interest. Flp-In™ technology stably delivers one copy of your gene to a single site, delivering isogenic cell lines.

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The Flp-In™ system delivers a single, stable integration at a single FRT site at a transcriptionally active genomic locus. Once the FRT site is inserted, expression constructs may be easily inserted into the locus, permitting direct comparisons of different constructs (e.g., gene families, point mutations).

Invitrogen Custom Services can develop either Flp-In™ host cells or expression cells, depending on your needs and budget. Flp-In™ cells can also be adapted to use T-REx™ inducible expression technology.

Invitrogen Custom Services can develop your expression cell line based on existing host cell lines.

Expression cell lines— Let our services team recombine your expression plasmid and validate expression in the Host FlpIn™ cell line (e.g. 293, CHO) creating an isogenic expression cell line ready for use in your experiments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the differences between Flp-In™ and Jump-In™ cell lines?
A. The host Flp-In™ cell line is generated from a random integration, as opposed to integration at a specific genomic location with the Jump-In™ system and there are licensing differences. Please contact Technical Support for more information.

Q. Does Invitrogen have predeveloped Flp-In™ cell lines?
A. Yes, we offer a number of Flp-In™-adapted cell lines, including 293, CHO, and 3T3 among others. Please contact Technical Support for more information.
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