Isogenic Cells for Long-Term Study

Traditional limitations to stable transfection include gene silencing and cell-to-cell variability. The Jump-In™ system irreversibly integrates your gene of interest without cell-to-cell variability.

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Jump-In™ integration is irreversible and occurs at the same site in every cell. Jump-In™ cells are ideal for protein production, drug screening, and other long-term studies. Stable expression has been observed in stem cells for 30 passages.

Invitrogen Custom Services can develop either Jump-In™ host cells or expression cells, depending on your needs and budget.

Development Options

  • Platform cell lines—Let our services team establish and validate in your cell line of interest with a single site insertion for the recombination of your expression plasmid.
  • Retargeting (expression) cell lines—Let our services team recombine your expression plasmid and validate expression in your Platform JumpIn cell line of interest creating an isogenic expression cell line ready for use in your experiments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the differences between Flp-In™ and Jump-In™ cell lines?
A. The host Flp-In™ cell line is generated from a random integration, as opposed to integration at a specific genomic location with the Jump-In™ system, and there are licensing differences. Please contact Technical Support for more information.

Q. Does Invitrogen have predeveloped Jump-In™ cell lines?

A. Yes.  View Jump-In™ Parental Cell Line Kits here.

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