Inducible to Give You Control

Many traditional cell lines are limited to transient or constitutive expression. The T-REx™ system allows tight control and yields high levels of induced expression.


The T-REx™ system is based on Tet-regulated expression. T-REx™ cell lines can be used to regulate expression of gene sequences, shRNAs, and miRNAs. The T-REx™ system uses a strong CMV promoter and does not rely on viral transactivators.

Invitrogen Custom Services can develop a host T-REx™ cell line expressing the Tet repressor and/or a T-REx™ expression cell line facilitating the induction of your gene of interest in your cell line of interest depending on your needs and budget.

Development Options

  • T-REx™ Host cell line - Let our services team establish and validate the expression of the tet repressor protein in your cell line of interest.
  • T-REx™ Expression cell line -  Let our services team establish and validate the inducible expression of your protein of interest from your TREx Host cell line of interest. 
  • Co-development of the Flp-In™ T-REx™-adapted cell lines

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the T-REx™ system a Tet-on or Tet-off system?
A. Tet-on.

Q. Which applications are best for the T-REx™ system?
A. Studies involving toxic proteins, cell cycle–regulated expression, and RNAi, among others. Please call for more information.

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