The task of generating cell lines, parental cell lines, high throughput-ready cells and other tools for your cell-based discovery projects can be greatly simplified with custom cell engineering tools from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Complete your cell engineering projects in far less time by collaborating with our Custom Biology Services team. Whether your research requires engineered or Jump-In parental cell lines; BacMam virus particles or validated, high-throughput screening-ready cells in large-scale, we have the in-house expertise to support and accelerate your cellular projects.

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See how Jump-In and BacMam technologies can be used to save time in your cell engineering projects.

Assays to fit your research needs

With a broad array of assay technologies available across Thermo Fisher Scientific, our Custom Biology Services team can recommend a technology to best suit your unique requirements.  An overview of these technologies can be found below.

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BacMam-enabled Cellular AssaysAn efficient, easy-to-optimize, and robust method for interrogating specific signal transduction events in the cell background of your choice. 
  • Efficient transduction of mammalian cell lines, including primary cells and stem cells
  • Frozen storage of pre-transduced cells generates assay-ready cells
  • Running assays in pharmacologically relevant cell types
GeneBLAzer™ Reporter Gene AssaysThe GeneBLAzer technology utilizes a fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)-based, ratiometric detection method that reduces experimental noise, which can lead to false hits.

This technology is readily accessible for studying numerous target classes and cellular processes.

Tango™ Assay SystemThe Tango assay system provides a readout that is specific to the target receptor which ensures a selective readout.  False positives are minimized because the readout is proximal to the actual site of receptor activation.  Assay is independent of the G protein the receptor signals through which enables study of any GPCR (including orphans).This technology is ideal for GPCRs; however, the same techniques can apply to other cellular protein-protein interactions.
LanthaScreen™ Cellular Assay SystemStudy posttranslational modifications in a physiologically relevant cellular context. With this assay format you can quickly screen with a simple and homogeneous high-throughput screening (HTS). Amenable assay format
Interrogates the effects of your compounds on specific signaling events within a pathway. Analyze multiple post-translational modifications using physiological pathway kinetics.
This technology is designed to address specific interactions within signaling pathways.
CellSensor™ Cell LinesTranscriptional reporter gene assay for high-throughput screening and profiling These cell lines are ideal for analysis of an entire signal transduction pathway with a single endpoint readout.
Jump-In™ technologyAllows integration and expression of your gene of interest in mammalian cells at a specific genomic location. Isogenic stable cell line generation within 2–3 weeks. Ideal for studying orthologs or various genetic mutations rapidly without concern about positional effects.This technology is universally applicable for any mammalian cell line engineering project.
Luciferase AssaysAllows you to investigate promoter activity by measuring light output from luciferase enzyme that is expressed under the control of a response element or a promoter of interest. Luciferase enzymes vary in stability, light output and spectral characteristics. Flash and glow kits are available for different luciferases to perform single- or dual-spectral luciferase assays. The luciferase reporter genes are human-codon optimized and offered in a plasmid vector that is optimized for mammalian expression.These assays allow monitoring of reporter gene activity during drug discovery and screening phase.

Custom Biology Services Team

Custom Biology Services Team

With many labs facing resources restraints, our Custom Biology team offers institutions a powerful resource to extend their research teams. Wholly dedicated to developing custom tools and assays, the team has the expertise to select an assay technology from our extensive toolbox and use these technologies to craft tools that meet your unique requirements.

Dedicated project management

Custom services project management

From your initial inquiry through every milestone of your project, you can expect exceptional service and frequent, proactive communication from a dedicated project manager. Your project manager will help ensure all parties involved in the project are aligned on project requirements, timelines and budgets.

For more information on our custom cell engineering services, send us an inquiry online. A Thermo Fisher Scientific representative will respond to your inquiry within two business days.

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