Synthesis of Small Molecules

We can design and prepare to your specifications novel organic molecules, fluorescent labels and substrates for use in research or commercial applications. 

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Designed and Prepared to Your Specifications

We are an ISO 13485:2003, certified facility, with experience in performing both small-scale and large-scale, milligram to kilogram, custom synthesis projects.

We will work with you to assess initial feasibility and continue through to the design and production of the material.

  • Fluorescent or colorimetric dyes with defined spectral properties
  • Fluorescent or fluorogenic conjugates of small molecules (e.g., drugs and other materials)
  • Reactive forms of biologically important molecules
  • Enzyme substrates
  • Sensors and stains (e.g., calcium indicators and total protein stains)
  • Optimized reagents for use with novel instruments and applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the minimum quantity I can order?
A.  It depends on the product. We can always send you less than the full yield we get, but if you request a quote on the “minimum” amount, we’ll quote the quantity that will give you the lowest total price.

Q. If a catalog product has been discontinued, can you make it as a custom?
A. Sometimes. Most of our former products are available as customs, but not all. Please ask and we will check on the product you are interested in.

Q. I’m in a hurry; can you rush my project?
A. We will do our best to accommodate any special needs. Let us know your schedule when making a request, and we’ll keep you apprised of the options. Some rushes may not be possible or may incur an extra fee.

Q. Will you make the product according to a protocol I provide?
A. We can manufacture according to your protocol, but we recommend allowing us the flexibility to make improvements.

Can’t find a supplier for a vital compound? Send us your requirements and we can make it just for you!

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