Whatever basic or discovery research question you are attempting to answer, our molecular biology experts can help to design the best custom solution utilizing our unique suite of technologies, including TOPO and Gateway.  Additionally, our dedicated project managers will guide your project through every step of the process, and constantly keep you informed of our progress. Put your trust in Invitrogen's molecular biology services. 

Gene Synthesis

Obtain virtually any desired custom genetic sequence, cloned and confirmed, ready for downstream applications.

Custom Oligonucleotides

Do you need a DNA or RNA oligo with a special modification but can’t find it on our Custom Oligo pages? Then order them here at Custom Oligo Services.

Vector Construction & Cloning

Need to clone, express, and mutate genes quickly and easily? Nothing beats the speed of Invitrogen's TOPO cloning technology or the versatility of Gateway expression systems. And with expert molecular biologists on staff, we can do all the work for you.

Plasmid Services

Engage our customized plasmid DNA purification service for your in vivo, in vitro, and preclinical applications. Also, we offer endotoxin testing, sterility testing via bioburden assay, BCA protein assay, restriction digest, archiving and special dispensing based on the specific need.

Protein Expression & Production


Have us utilize our extensive suite of expression vectors and host systems to deliver the necessary protein yield for your application.

We offer protein expression and production services for:

  • Protein Molecular Biology
  • Protein Expression
    • Baculovirus
    • Mammalian
  • Protein Purification
  • Protein Analysis
Learn More about Protein Production Services

RNAi Services

Let our RNA interference experts assist you in designing a service to meet your specific needs. Whether you need assistance in designing RNA interference reagents or you are looking for a more expansive services in the RNAi workflow, we have the capabilities to accelerate your research.

OEM & Commercial Use Services

Take advantage of our outstanding expertise in manufacturing life sciences products, and trust the production of your reagents or kits to us.  We offer custom OEM services of a broad range of products targeting the areas of genomics, proteomics and cellular analysis.

Precision TALs

GeneArt Precision TALs Services provide custom DNA-binding proteins for accurate DNA targeting and precise genome editing.

TaqMan Real-Time PCR Services

Whether you are performing microarray validation, biomarker discovery, RNAi validation, miRNA quantitation and profiling, or other applications, you can get quality TaqMan Assay data by simply sending us your samples.