Cloning Services  

Cloning can sometimes be difficult and time-consuming—especially if you need to create custom vectors, handle multiple sequences at once, or if you need to express proteins using multiple systems. Our Custom Services team can quickly complete these project phases for you, so you can skip the technical hurdles, focus on the biology, and expedite end-results.

From custom vector design to high-throughput protein expression, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Custom TOPO™ cloning adaptation services

If you have a favorite cloning vector or a vector that you wish to use for a specific assay, let TOPO Cloning experts adapt it for you.  Now any vector you choose can be adapted for TOPO cloning PCR products in 5 minutes at high efficiencies.

Gateway™ vector construction

The Gateway vector conversion service includes the following steps:

  • Gateway vector construction:  Subclone a Gateway cassette into your vector of interest to create a Gateway destination vector.
  • Validation methods:  Gateway LR reaction to show successful recombination and sequencing to confirm the cassette is in frame with a tag if one is present.
  • Delivery:  Converted vector as glycerol stocks, vector maps and sequence reports.

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Custom gene synthesis and cloning

Require synthetic genes for creating challenging constructs and protein expression studies?  Think about the amount of time you spend at the bench using PCR, mutagenesis and direct cloning to isolate and prepare your DNA of interest from natural sources, genomic or cDNA.  Gene synthesis outperforms traditional cloning by providing you fast turnaround times and guaranteed sequence accuracy. You can choose from GeneArt™ Strings™ DNA Fragments which are linear double-stranded DNA fragments ready-to-clone to fully cloned synthetic genes in standard cloning or ready-to-express expression vectors.

ORF cloning services

The ORF cloning services offer a number of options including:

  • ORF cloning from a template:  PCR cloning from a template provided by the client or an Invitrogen™ clone collection, cloning into a Gateway Donor or TOPO vector and then full-length sequencing.
  • ORF cloning from a library:  PCR cloning from an Invitrogen cDNA library into a Gateway Donor or TOPO vector and then end-read sequencing.
  • Transfer ORFs into Gateway expression vectors:  ORFs can be transferred to a broad range of Gateway expression vectors in bacterial, mammalian, yeast, lentiviral, adenoviral, baculoviral, and cell-free expression systems by an LR or BP recombination reaction.

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