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TaqMan™ Gene Expression Assay Services

Trust the developers of TaqMan technology to provide you with the most robust and reliable quantitative gene expression analysis services on the market. This service includes:

Sample Preparation

  • From cells—cell lysis on Client-supplied cell samples using the TaqMan Cells-to-CT™ kit, and first-strand cDNA synthesis from the cell lysates
  • From total RNA—first-strand cDNA synthesis from total RNA

Experimental Design and Execution

  • TaqMan Gene Expression Assays conducted in triplicate for both the target sequence(s) and housekeeping genes
  • No no-template control reactions

Data Analysis

  • Analysis of target expression levels relative to housekeeping genes
  • Report generation and delivery of results in a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet

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TaqMan MicroRNA Assay & Array Services

TaqMan MicroRNA Assay & Array Services include:

  • Reverse transcription reaction
  • Amplification reaction
  • Detection and quantitation of a specific miRNA sequence by quantitative real-time PCR using individual TaqMan Assays or TaqMan Array MicroRNA Cards
  • Data analysis and formattin

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