Many possibilities, one way forward.
The emerging leader in stem cell science, Invitrogen delivers unparalleled culture media expertise to your program through PD-Direct® Bioprocess Services and GIBCO® custom media manufacturing.  Designed to your specifications, Invitrogen’s custom services and products deliver innovative solutions that reduce commercialization risks for your embryonic, mesenchymal, and neural stem cell products.

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Why choose Invitrogen for your stem cell service needs?

  • Industry-leading expertise in serum-reduced and serum-free media for stem cells
  • High-performance integrated media systems improve your efficiency
  • Over 40 years of experience in setting the standard for cell culture product

Scalable custom media with reliable supply and less risk

  • Redundant manufacturing facilities, secondary raw material suppliers, and supply chain management help to ensure uninterrupted supply of custom media
  • Proven methods of scale-up and tech transfer from R&D into cGMP
  • IP-friendly policies include third-party licensing and flexible options
  • Diverse selection of media formats and packaging to meet your needs
  • World-class regulatory support

Embryonic Stem Cells

Cell culture media and reagents optimized for embryonic stem cells


Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Cell culture media and reagents optimized for mesenchymal stem cells


Neural Stem Cells

Cell culture media and reagents optimized for neural stem cells