ProtoArray® assays for autoantibody identification

Autoantibody markers are reliable predictors of disease, are available in easily accessible biological fluids, and are stable and easy to detect.

Absolute Autoantibody Identification
The ProtoArray® Human Protein Microarray v5.0 provides absolute identification of a patient's autoantibodies. The identity of every antigen printed on the array is known and addressable. The array includes specific controls (e.g., human IgG, anti–human IgG, human IgA) to monitor assay quality and normalize data, enabling accurate autoantibody detection.

FAQs: Biomarker Discovery

Can plasma be used for immune response biomarker profiling?
Yes. We have evaluated the performance of heparin-sulfate–treated plasma and acid citro dextrose (ACD) plasma relative to serum on ProtoArray® Microarrays.

How can I use the data generated from immune response biomarker profiling on ProtoArray® Microarrays for biomarker discovery?
Immune response biomarker profiling on the ProtoArray® Microarrays is a discovery tool that provides information on the identities of candidate biomarkers. It is important that you carefully consider the biology of the system and the statistical analysis in selecting the most promising candidates for follow-up studies.

How long does it take to get my data from a biomarker profiling service?
The timeline is typically 4–6 weeks for delivery of the report and raw data.

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