See how you can expect more and get it from SelectScreen profiling and screening services

We offer researchers unparalleled customer support and service including:

  • Access your data in real-time for any SelectScreen service—as soon as it’s available— through our secure online portal!
  • High-quality results—Commitment to data excellence and comprehensive reporting
  • Reliable data in days—Fastest average turnaround time available
  • Dedicated project management—Effortless project initiation and execution, managed by a dedicated project manager committed to proactive communication
  • Over 800 validated assays—Choice of biochemical and cellular assays across multiple target classes

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Choose the right service for your unique research requirements

SelectScreen Kinase Profiling Service

Profile with our extensive panel of kinases and rapidly receive data for individual assays along the way with Accelerated Data Delivery™ as your project progresses to completion.


SelectScreen Cell-based Pathway Profiling Service

Asses entire signal transduction pathways with a single end-point readout in CellSensor™ assays and detect post-translational modifications of protein substrates in LanthaScreen™ cellular assays.

SelectScreen Library Screening Service

When project timelines cannot wait, we have the capacity and expertise to maximize your library screening capability.


SelectScreen Nuclear Receptor Profiling Service

Choose among both biochemical and cellular assays to flexibly screen and profile compounds against a wide selection of nuclear receptors.

SelectScreen® Cell-based GPCR Profiling Service

Choose from a panel of functionally validated cell-based assays utilizing GeneBLAzer™ and Tango™ beta-arrestin recruitment technologies.


SelectScreen Lead Optimization Services

Accelerate the identification and  development of your most promising candidates by enabling your medicinal chemists to receive data faster with our cost-effective LO services.

High-quality results

SelectScreen services are executed with strict quality controls and automated processes driven by integrated informatics systems to ensure reliable data is delivered every time.

Dozens of quality controls are used within each SelectScreen service, including but not limited to:

  • Order accuracy confirmation
  • Controlled compound management
  • Complete Lab Information Management System (LIMS) ensures project traceability and consistency
  • Compound integrity testing (referring to ECHO hydration testing)
  • Informatics tracking intra-and inter-project consistency
  • Proactive and personalized communication of assay performance observations

Reliable data in days!

Faster access to reliable data allows you to move more quickly through compound profiling projects and ultimately speeds your discovery efforts. An exciting new service enhancement called Accelerated Data Delivery™ now allows you to access screening data as soon as it becomes available – giving your medicinal chemists a head-start on data analysis.

Using a secure online portal, you will be able view and download data before your project is complete – typically accessing 50-80% of project data within two days. SelectScreen services are typically executed in less than two weeks (project size and scope dependent); and our popular SelectScreen Kinase Profiling Service averages a turn-around time of less than four days.

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Proactive project management


Initiating and executing a project for SelectScreen services is simple.  You can look forward to proactive communication about your project and access to our team of technical experts facilitated by a dedicated project manager.

From project beginning to end, you can rely on us to provide you with a reliable, consistent, and easy experience.

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