Searching for services

In order for a service provider to be listed by Science Exchange, they must supply extensive documentation to prove that they are legitimate and deliver services as described. Science Exchange also conducts additional qualification for regulated services (GMP, GLP, GCP, CLIA, etc.), including on-site audits when necessary. Documentation required includes: W-9/tax information (W-8-BENE for non-US service providers), any unresolved FDA warning letters and USDA violations, proof of claimed certifications (non- regulatory), Better Business Bureau (BBB) citations, publications (if applicable), website verification, past client referrals, and 3rd party evaluation of financial standing (for example, Dun-Bradstreet/Hoovers).

Searching on the Services Marketplace on is simple. Simply type in the service or experiment you are looking for, and view the list of providers that offer that service or experiment type. You can also search by provider name if you want to confirm whether a particular provider is listed in the network.

Services offered by Thermo Fisher will be ranked first in the search results. The rest of the search results will be ranked by relevance, the number of requests fulfilled by that provider, the level of satisfaction reported by requesters, and provider responsiveness.

You can narrow down the search results using keywords or filters. Filters are located on the left side of the search page and include filters such as commercial vs. academic, specific certifications/qualifications, and the provider’s location. There is also a keyword search option that is located on the right side of the search page that can narrow down a large initial search.

Requesting a quote

No, the Science Exchange Inc. Purchase Order Terms and Conditions contains a built-in confidentiality agreement, which helps protect you and your company when you engage with any providers through the Services Marketplace, powered by Science Exchange.

The best way to quickly get a quote is to provide detailed information such as: the purpose and nature of the project, your timeline (when you need to start or obtain data by), what your starting material is, how many samples (and how they are prepared), describe the deliverables you require, and any budgetary limitations.

The GxPs—Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Clinical Practice (GCP), or current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)—are a set of federal regulations or internationally accepted quality guidance documents that govern how certain research projects are  to be conducted. These projects are typically included in the application to the governing agency to obtain approval of the product, or approval to conduct clinical trials, and include those that procure or utilize human samples. They do not typically include projects that are related to discovery or are exploratory in nature.

Communicating with providers

We provide a comprehensive project management platform. Once you have submitted a request, you will have an order management page where you are able to:

  1. Discuss the project with the provider
  2. Schedule a call with the provider
  3. Communicate with Thermo Fisher Customer Care to obtain assistance.

You can attach files to your messages on the order timeline or in the “Attachments” section of your order page. You may choose files from your computer, URL link, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or Gmail. Please note that there is a 5 MB per file upload limit.

You will be able to view your quote from your dashboard and select a quote that is "Pending Decision." You will be able to view your quote from the “Quotes” tab and can also download the PDF version of the quote.

You will be able to place an order through your order page by selecting "Accept quote and place order." You will have the option to use a purchase order or credit card to place the order. Once you have reviewed the order and the payment details are correct, you will need to confirm that you agree to Thermo Fisher’s terms and condition of sale and click "Submit order."

Managing projects

Once Thermo Fisher receives your purchase order or credit card payment, we will activate your order and it will move to "In Progress." You will be able to continue discussing your project with the provider on the order page.

Your order page will serve as a project management tool and the provider will be able to update you in real time at a cadence that you can decide. You can post messages to the order timeline asking for updates directly from the provider.

Please post a message to the order page to obtain sample preparation and shipment instructions to ensure that your samples will arrive in good condition. You can send your samples per your institution’s shipping guidelines or by using your own shipping account.

Completing a project

Once the provider has completed your order, please review your deliverables within 10 business days and click on the "Confirm Completion" button.

If the provider did not complete your order according to their statement of work outlined in their quote, please post a message explaining to the provider why the project is not complete. Then, contact Services Marketplace Support at

Your reviews and ratings after a project has been completed are anonymized and viewable by other customers.

All of your orders will be visible in your dashboard, and you will be able to view the status of each order there.

Additional assistance

If you are unable to find enough options for your service, or if you need help managing a complex project, please reach out to