Having the latest technology available is critical to your success.  Did you know that you can partner with us to finance your new lab equipment making it even easier to keep pace with advancing technology? Our team understands the business challenges you face and how to overcome them by delivering solutions that support your business goals and budget. Acquiring equipment doesn’t have to be complicated. Let us show you how our financial solutions can help you obtain the equipment you need easily and affordably.

Advice You Can Trust

Our dedicated team can develop a solution to align with your business strategy and budget requirements.

Personalized, Innovative Solutions

We’ll take the time to fully understand your unique goals and requirements to develop a flexible, cost-effective solution to help you preserve cash and extend your resources.

Committed to Your Success

We are committed to working with you as your goals and technology needs evolve, supporting your success now and in the future.

Convenient equipment financing solutions

From traditional leasing programs to comprehensive subscriptions services, our financial solutions have the flexibility you need to support your budget and technology needs.



Keep your lab current with continuous access to technology advancements, including instrumentation, software, and consumables, as well as service, training, and support with this all-inclusive option.

PG2050-PJT5875-COL115754-1160X600Technology Refresh

Technology Refresh

Our technology refresh program protects against equipment obsolescence and gives you flexibility to support your needs and budget by upgrading to the latest technology.

PG2050-PJT5875-COL115754-1160X600Early-Stage Companies

Early-Stage Companies

Designed to assist development-stage companies, this flexible program can help overcome budgetary constraints and maximize financial resources, allowing you to conserve cash and invest in other important areas of your business.

PG2050-PJT5875-COL115754-1160X600Payment Deferral Options

Payment Deferral Options

Our payment deferral program allows you to defer payments for 3 to 6 months. Alternatively, our extended terms agreement allows you to pay your invoice in monthly installments over a 6 month period.

PG2050-PJT5875-COL115754-1160X600One Dollar Buyout

One Dollar Buyout

If equipment ownership is your goal, this option may be right for you. Benefits include fixed monthly payments and the potential to fully depreciate your asset for tax and accounting purposes.

PG2050-PJT5875-COL115754-1160X600Fair Market Value

Fair Market Value

Giving you the flexibility to respond to innovations in technology, the FMV lease offers the lowest monthly payment helping to maximize your cash flow while offering flexible end of term options, of continuing the lease, purchasing the equipment, or returning the equipment to upgrade to the latest technology.

More ways to extend your resources

We offer financial solutions to public and private colleges and universities, as well as federal, state, and local government entities.

We’re here to help. Contact us to learn more about the additional financing solutions we offer.  Our goal is to create the right strategy to help you obtain your lab equipment easily and affordably to meet your financial goals.

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