Ion AmpliSeq
Assist Service

Ion AmpliSeq™ Assist Service offers a design-to-analysis solution for your custom Ion AmpliSeq™ project, enabling optimal results with up to a 50% reduction in time. Through this service you will receive personalized Ion AmpliSeq™ project consultation provided by Thermo Fisher Scientific Bioinformatics Professionals, who will deliver custom designs and data analysis through your entire project workflow.

Full-service data preparation, including collating targets and formatting genomic coordinates for you. Receive expert advice on experimental design, before finalizing your project plan.

After you perform sequencing, we will carry out data analysis for your validation samples. You will be provided the optimal variant calling parameters for you to use as you move into production.


Delivery of between two to eight custom Ion AmpliSeq™ designs, created by our expert team for optimal panel performance. We also provide key quality metrics for assessing the performance of your custom panels.

We will advise you on best practices in data quality assessment and validation methodologies for detected genetic variants.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Bioinformatics professionals are NGS experts, with many years of experience working in institutions of academic and commercial excellence.

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