Getting your instrument back up and running is easier than ever

By securing one of our AB Repair Center (RC) Plans, you can fast-track repairs of your thermal cyclers, benchtop devices, and customer-installable real-time PCR systems at our North America Repair Center.

With our mail-in repair center options, your priority shipping is free and your box and paperwork are sent directly to you. Once the package arrives at our local distribution center, you can then track your instrument as it moves through the repair process.

Our Repair Center service plans include a variety of options to fit your lab’s budget and needs, including:

  • Rigorous testing, repair, and calibration by our factory-trained service engineers
  • 10 business-day average turnaround time for repairs
  • Loaner instruments available with some plans while you wait
  • Planned Maintenance (PM) and Multi Dynamic Temperature Verification (MDTV) Service
  • Instrument tracking for real-time updates on your instrument’s progress
  • Priority phone support for your technical, software, and hardware questions

What happens when my instrument arrives at our North America Repair Center?

At our new ISO-13485 accredited North America Repair Center, your instrument will undergo a meticulous series of tests, verifying your instrument is operating according to manufacturer’s specifications. These tests include:

Optimize the calibration parameters, slope, and offset of the sample block sensors to confirm the temperature accuracy and temperature non-uniformity of your instrument. Optimize the calibration parameters, slope, and offset of the heated cover sensor.

Confirm that your system is operating within published specifications: this includes testing heating and cooling rates, average cycle time, cycle time standard deviation, temperature accuracy, and temperature non-uniformity. As part of this procedure, you will receive a certificate of analysis with your serviced instrument.

Perform pure dye matrix, instrument normalization and background calibrations to ensure optimal optical performance. (Applicable to qPCR instruments only)

Conduct high-potential, instrument insulation resistance and leak current tests to confirm electrical safety according to international standard IEC 61010.

Upgrade to the latest version of firmware while maintaining all existing methods.

Choose the service plan that’s right for you

We offer a range of service plans that give you the flexibility to choose the level of service that’s ideal for your organization. Our plans range from full coverage for repair and maintenance, with a choice of a loaner instrument, to more specialized services that complement your in-house maintenance program. For regulated laboratories, we also have on­site options.

AB Repair Center Plans*
  ABRC SupportABRC AssuranceABRC Assurance MDTVABRC MaintenanceABRC Maintenance MDTV

Parts, labor & shipping  
Planned MaintenanceLabor & shipping   
Loaner optional optional 
MDTVLabor & shipping   

Added value
Priority phone support
Temperature calibration
Certificate of analysis  
MDTV report   
Electrical check
Cleaning of sample block

Ready to get started? Start building the service plan that’s right for you.

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* The AB Repair Center service plans are available for Research Use Only (RUO)- and in-vitro diagnostic (IVD)-labeled instruments.