Services Central for Instruments and Equipment

Add your instruments and access support, online in real time

Your centralized customer support platform


At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we want to make life easier for our customers.


That’s why we’re proud to introduce Services Central, a centralized online platform that provides instant, transparent access to a growing roster of customer-driven capabilities, including the ability to open and track service tickets, access relevant user manuals, and review your service history and coverage. Services Central currently supports Thermo Fisher HPLC and LC/MS instruments installed in the U.S. after 1/1/2015­.* Keep an eye out for additional instrument families and countries coming soon!

* If you have an Asset Management program with Unity Lab Services, please do not use Services Central and continue to manage your service requests as normal via ULS Asset Manager.

The quicker, easier way to get support


Services Central was designed to connect scientists, lab managers, and facility operations specialists with a centralized resource platform to help manage, service, and gain a deeper understanding of their Thermo Fisher Scientific instruments. It offers seamless digital service management so you and your team can open service tickets, get real-time, relevant updates on all service requests, access service history and coverage status—and more.

Better visibility for you and your team

Add and customize your instruments in a flash. Search, nickname, group, "favorite" and favorite your instruments to quickly find what you need.

Personalized resources at your fingertips

Access relevant user manuals, service history, and other useful resources for your registered instruments.

Fleet management and personalization

Services Central allows users to sort, filter, customize, and share registered* instruments to easily access device information.

  • Customize instruments with a nickname or note
  • Add instruments to groups for quick, comprehensive access
  • Add instruments to favorite to make them easier to find and sort
  • Share instruments with other users

* Services Central currently supports HPLC and LC/MS instruments installed in the U.S. after 1/1/2015. Other instruments will be supported soon.

Service request management

Submit preventative or corrective maintenance tickets anytime** from anywhere and receive real-time updates about your request status.

  • Open support requests
  • Track open ticket status
  • View service contract status

** We’ll respond during normal service business hours, but your ticket will be in the queue as soon as it’s submitted.

Access to personalized resources

When you add your instruments, you will have access to their service history notes on past maintenance visits or repairs, quick access to relevant user manuals, and see warranty and service contract coverage status—so you can make precise service requests with relevant information.

  • Access instrument-specific user manuals
  • View instrument coverage
  • View service ticket history

Coming soon to Services Central

Keep an eye out for additional Services Central features designed to provide peace of mind and an improved workflow. In 2023, we will expand to many European countries and expand to include additional instrument families.


Supported instruments


Now: HPLC and LC/MS


2023:  All chromatography and mass spectrometry instruments, including:

  • Gas chromatography (CG-CG/MS)
  • Ion chromatography (IC-IC/MS)
  • Trace elemental analysis (TEA)


Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3—see how with this Quick Start Guide.

Have questions on how to use all the features and functionality of Services Central? This how-to guide will give you step-by-step instructions, from opening service tickets and adding Instruments to sharing visibility to service tickets and status with colleagues—and more.