There’s simply no time for instrument downtime. That’s why our Instrument Service Plans include Digital Service Innovations to help keep your instruments and your lab running smoothly. These include pioneering on-demand tools and capabilities such as remote support using augmented reality technology, instrument-driven support, and on-demand instrument training. We’re constantly looking ahead so your lab never falls behind.

Access to these tools and our network of over 1,000 trained professionals begins with the purchase of your Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, or Ion Torrent instrument. Contact us to learn more.

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AR remote support

Smart Remote Support

Getting help with your instrument should be a quick pitstop, not a day long interruption. Through immersive, real-time collaboration tools, we can help identify and possibly resolve issues remotely in minutes, helping to eliminate the need for on-site repairs that could keep you idle for days. Options include:

  • Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) Support
    Virtually transport one of our engineers into your lab in as little as 20 seconds, which may reduce average instrument downtime from days to minutes.

  • Desktop Remote Support
    When challenges require a deeper dive, we offer full system support with instrument and computer troubleshooting. Using IT-friendly remote support access, our engineers can navigate your desktop to better understand and address your computer or software related questions. 

Currently available for life science instruments covered by a Thermo Fisher Scientific instrument service contract or warranty plan.

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Instrument-driven support

Smart Help

What if troubleshooting an instrument issue was as easy as pushing a button? With our Instrument Service Plans, it is. Instrument-driven support streamlines issue resolution by enabling push-button log and run file delivery to technical support to help get you back up and running faster. Features include:

  • On-screen technical help
  • Push-button log and run file delivery to technical support

Currently available for the Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 6 and 7 Pro Real-Time PCR Systems. 

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Digital SmartStart Training

Interactive, self-paced education

Digital SmartStart™ Training

Having a great instrument is good. Knowing how to use it—and getting up to speed quickly—is paramount. Learning formats include:

  • 3D Experience
    A uniquely interactive experience that teaches your team how to use a new instrument. Consider it your interactive user manual in 3D. Currently available for the EVOS M5000 Cell Imaging System and QuantStudio 1 Real-Time PCR System. Start your 3D Experience ›

  • eLearning
    Interactive self-guided training on your specific instrument or product. Explore courses ›

  • LabCoat Live
    Intensive eLearning modules focused on how to effectively use our products or kits. Learn about our products, proper techniques, and analyze your results with a blend of virtual and hands-on learning. More courses coming soon.

Proactive problem detection and faster service resolution

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Service

Improve instrument uptime by solving issues proactively. Instrument performance data is sent securely to our service support team who can qucikly and proactively troubleshoot, diagnose, and help maintain performance of your instruments. 

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Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Service

Driving laboratory innovation

Meet the team behind our Digital Service Innovations
Jakrey Myers
Product Manager, Service Innovation

“I believe that curiosity and the experimental nature of the science platform provides innovation across all industries.”

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Instrument Connect

Instrument uptime is only part of an efficient laboratory. Connect, our cloud-based platform, enables you to get connected to your data more easily and quickly than ever before. With Connect you can: 

  • Set up and monitor your run
  • View, manage, and share your data from anywhere, using your phone, tablet, or computer (Mac™ or PC)
  • Leverage remote monitoring for instrument status and run progress anytime, anywhere, using the Instrument Connect mobile app for iOS and Android 
  • Use secure connections to share data and collaborate with colleagues

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