LabCoat Live lab skills training

The unique LabCoat Live learning environment blends virtual instruction with hands-on learning. Designed to accelerate your learning to fit your busy schedule, LabCoat Live learning offers an affordable option that helps make learning new lab applications and skills more convenient, with:

  • Interactive online lectures that provide a thorough understanding of the technique, experiment setup, and data analysis. Results are reviewed in real-time, from anywhere using an Internet connection.
  • An online message board with step-by-step experiment setup guides to get your questions answered quickly.
  • All reagents and protocol(s) provided to you so you can conduct the self-paced lab exercises at a time that works best for you.

No travel costs

Whether you’re a lab manager and want help training your staff, or you are conducting research in the lab, now you don’t need to take time away from your projects to train others or travel to a training center to learn new applications. With LabCoat Live courses, just log into the live instructional lecture the first day, perform the lab experiment at your convenience throughout the week(s), then reconvene to analyze results and share best practices with course participants and instructor at the end of the week or training period.

Highly experienced instructors

Our experienced application scientists will guide you step-by-step, via a series of live online lectures, as you complete the hands-on experiment in your own lab. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll have access to the online tools, discussion forum, and classroom companion which includes downloadable notes and protocols, support videos, and other supplemental information.

Limited class size

Because class size is limited and you conduct the protocol yourself, you’ll benefit from the LabCoat Live learning environment by receiving individualized instruction and hands-on practice that will increase your knowledge retention and help enable your success right from the start.

See how LabCoat Live training blends virtual and hands-on learning

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LabCoat Live courses revolutionize virtual classroom environment.

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LabCoat Live courses leverage interactive, hands-on experiments to reinforce knowledge retention.





The following courses are available in the LabCoat Live learning environment:

Course description

Course fee*

Course details and dates

Intro to qPCR & Absolute Quantitation


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Intro to Gene Expression Analysis using ΔΔCt Method


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SmartStart training for the ExpiCHO Expression Kit


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SmartStart training for the Expi293 Expression Kit


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SmartStart training for the ExpiSf Expression Kit


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Cell Line Authentication using CE


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*Course fee includes a training kit and/or all reagents needed to perform the course protocol.


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