The Supply Center program—what is the best option for you?

The Supply Center program is designed to store your favorite products on-site for immediate access. Our program offers room temperature cabinets, 4°C refrigerators, and –20°C freezers in a range of sizes to meet the needs of your lab. 

Depending on automation, security, and the inventory levels needed, we can find a solution that best fits your requirements.

Supply Center model options

Supply center Standard option


  • Customized web view and checkout
  • Non-stocked product ordering
  • Customized checkout options
  • B2B-enabled
  • Mobile friendly
Supply center Premiere option


  • Available with locking mechanism
  • Semiautomatic stocking
  • Touch-screen user interface
  • B2B-enabled
  • Mobile friendly
Supply center Express option


  • Secure, consigned stock
  • Automated stocking
  • Touch-screen user interface
  • Customized payment options
  • Mobile friendly

What products are available?

Having a Supply Center on-site is like having our entire warehouse in your lab. You customize your on-site product mix from our breadth of trusted brands to best suit your research needs. Our specialists will work with you to review your current product usage and research to propose a product-stocking plan to meet those needs, helping improve your efficiency today and in the future.

You have access to a wide range of products, including:

  • RNA reagents
  • Reverse transcriptions enzymes
  • PCR reagents
  • PCR plastics
  • Transfection reagents
  • Cell culture antibiotics
  • Thermo Scientific brand products
  • Cell dissociation reagents
  • Culture media and sera
  • Real-time PCR master mixes
  • Protein gels
  • Protein gel standards and ladders
  • Protein gel stains and imaging
  • Cloning reagents

How does the program work?

Having immediate access to the products you need is key to maintaining the momentum of your research. Our team of specialists works with you to plan and implement a Supply Center that fits your institution and the scientists who use it.

Find the right location

We work with you to determine a location for your Supply Center that allows optimal access to your products.


Our specialists work with you to review your current product usage and research—and propose a product stocking plan to meet those needs.

Select storage units

We provide the necessary storage units for your selected location and inventory. We offer cabinets, 4°C refrigerators, and -20°C freezers.


We facilitate the delivery of your storage units and work with you to establish an inventory management procedure that fits your needs.

Get support when needed

Your account representative works with you to schedule routine reviews of your Supply Center, making any necessary modifications to help ensure it continues to meet your evolving needs.

How does Supply Center Management System (SCMS) work?

The Supply Center Management System (SCMS) provides a web-based interface for product search, selection, and checkout. The SCMS also provides automated management of on-site inventories, including reporting features for cost center accounting.

This flexible system is designed to support your existing business rules, and can integrate with your company’s eProcurement platform for further simplification of the ordering workflow.

For researchers:

Easy product selection and checkout

  • Search, filter, and sort stocked product lists and inventory levels
  • Quick, streamlined checkout, including email confirmation of orders
  • Access our catalog products and services
  • Shop from multiple Supply Center locations

For administrators:

Efficient inventory management and order tracking

  • Automated order replenishment and shipment check-in for organized and timely shipments
  • Flexible payment options and customized cost-center assignments
  • Access to our catalog products and services
  • Visibility of end-user purchases using self-administered reporting tools

SCMS punch-out

Our dedicated eSolutions Support team can assist you with the options available to integrate your Supply Center with your eProcurement (B2B) platform. This offers you the ideal solution of immediate availability coupled with optimization of procurement processes. For additional information, contact the eSolutions Support team.

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