Does It Make Antisense?
Description: A basic definition of coding, noncoding, antisense, and template DNA strands.

In Vitro Synthesis of RNA - Technical Bulletin #156

In Vitro Transcription: The Basics
Description: This article presents an overview of in vitro transcription, including requirements of in vitro transcription reactions and a comparison of conventional vs. large scale RNA synthesis. This is a good place to start if you haven't performed in vitro transcription in the past and want to know what's involved.

In Vitro Translation: The Basics
Description: The in vitro synthesis of proteins in cell-free extracts is an important tool for molecular biologists and has a variety of applications, including the rapid identification of gene products (e.g., proteomics), localization of mutations through synthesis of truncated gene products, protein folding studies, and incorporation of modified or unnatural amino acids for functional studies.

Phage Polymerase Promoters: Minimal Sequence Requirements
Description: T3, T7 and SP6 RNA polymerase consensus promoter sequences.

Practical Tips for In Vitro Transcription - Technical Bulletin #182