Multiplex RT for TaqMan® MicroRNA Assays
TaqMan® Array Human MicroRNA Panel v1.0 (Early Access)

  • Profile 365 miRNAs in <3 hours
  • Achieve 6–7 logs dynamic range
  • Obtain low sample-to-sample variability
  • Use as little as 80 ng total RNA

Researchers require tools and assays for detecting expression levels of microRNAs (miRNAs), and Applied Biosystems has developed additional valuable tools that streamline workflows and significantly reduce sample consumption. The Multiplex RT for TaqMan® MicroRNA Assays (Multiplex RT pools) and the TaqMan Array Human MicroRNA Panel v1.0 (Early Access) enable scientists to transition easily from quantitating expression of small numbers of miRNA species to profiling larger numbers of miRNA species, while benefiting from the high specificity, sensitivity, and dynamic range that TaqMan Assays offer.

Multiplex RT for TaqMan MicroRNA Assays

Each of the eight Multiplex RT pools comprises up to 48 pre-defined RT primers. Together, the primer pools can assay 365 human miRNAs. The miRNA primers are specific for mature human miRNAs and are identical to singleplex RT primers in TaqMan MicroRNA Assays.

Two primers from each pool are specific for endogenous small nucleolar RNA (snoRNA) control genes (RNU44 and RNU48), which are consistently expressed at high levels across a wide variety of tissues. They are amenable to the miRNA assay design and provide internal controls for data normalization. Multiplexing the reverse transcription step of the assay provides the following advantages:

  • A simplified miRNA profiling workflow when used with TaqMan Assays and Arrays
  • Improved throughput, with a 45-fold reduction in RT reactions
  • Reduced starting sample amounts
  • Accelerated profiling of the human assay set (<3 hours)

TaqMan Array Human MicroRNA Panel v1.0

The TaqMan Array Human MicroRNA Panel is a fixed-set microfluidic card that simplifies the profiling of 365 human miRNAs. When used together, Multiplex RT pools and the TaqMan Array MicroRNA Panel further enhance the workflow and are ideal for miRNA expression profiling applications. The TaqMan Array offers several benefits, including:

  • Minimal setup time
  • Less chance of sample mix-up
  • Low sample-to-sample variability
  • Reduced input sample requirements

The Multiplex RT pools and Human MicroRNA Panel are the perfect solution for profiling human miRNA. They offer the superior data quality associated with TaqMan Assays in a configuration that is easier and faster than microarray technology.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.