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Amount of Probe to Use in a Northern Blot
Description: A quick chart of various probe concentrations to use in your Northern blotting experiments. Includes recommendations for both radiolabeled and nonisotopically labeled DNA, RNA and oligonucleotide probes.

Analysis of Differential Gene Expression - Technical Bulletin #500
Description: Here, we review three popular RNA detection/quantitation methods: Northern blot analysis, Ribonuclease Protection Assays (RPAs) and Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR). All of these can be used to confirm results from microarray analysis and differential display experiments.

Comparison of Different Methods of mRNA Quantitation
Description: A brief comparison of nuclease protection assays, Northern blotting, RT-PCR and in situ hybridization for the detection and quantitation of RNA.

Northern Analysis: The Basics
Description: "Northern Analysis: The Basics" leads you through the steps involved in Northern blotting and explains the considerable improvements Ambion has found over standard Northern blotting protocols. If you have never performed Northern analysis, or if you want to optimize your Northern blot experiments, you will definitely want to check out this informative article.

Ten Ways to Increase the Sensitivity of Northern Hybridizations

Top Ten Northern Analysis Tips


Agarose Gel Electrophoresis of RNA
Description: A protocol for denaturing gel electrophoresis of RNA for Northern blot or quality assessment. Native gel electrophoresis is also described.


Detect Rare Transcripts - TechNotes 9(2)
Description: Reduce Northern blot exposure times from days to hours by pushing blot hybridizations towards completion

Get More From Your Blots with ULTRAhyb® Technology - TechNotes 14(2)
Description: Here we show that by selecting a more sensitive hybridization buffer, the percentage of target molecules that hybridize to probe on a Northern blot can be significantly increased.

Northern Analysis: Faster and Better - TechNotes 11(2)
Description: Decrease hybridization and exposure time with ULTRAhyb® Ultrasensitive Hybridization Buffer.

Premade, RNase-free Northern Reagents - TechNotes 9(1)
Description: Increase Northern sensitivity by limiting degradation of probe and of RNA samples bound to your blots

Stable Markers for Northern Analysis - TechNotes 8(4)
Description: Markers provided in formamide for increased RNase resistance.

Strategies for Detecting mRNA - TechNotes 6(3)
Description: A comparison of Northerns, nuclease protection assays, in situ hybridization and RT-PCR for detecting mRNA

Tools for Blot Hybridization - TechNotes 7(3)
Description: Maximize sensitivity, increase data quality, and increase blot lifespans

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