General Articles

DNase I Demystified
Description: Answers to some of the questions surrounding this commonly used enzyme

Is Your DNase RNase-free?
Description: DNase I preparations from 7 different commercial sources (including Ambion) were tested for both purity and specific activity. The results of that test are reported in this brief article.

Mission: Nuclease Control

Nuclease and Protease Testing - Technical Bulletin #166

Nuclease Characteristics
Description: A handy table of cleavage specificities, molecular weights, pH optima, and required cofactors for commonly used DNase and RNase enzymes.

RNase Control: The Basics

Top Ten Sources of RNase Contamination

Working with RNA - Technical Bulletin #159


Protocol for 3' End Labeling RNA
Description: A protocol for 3' end labeling RNA using T4 RNA ligase and [32P]pCp.

Protocol for 5' End Labeling RNA
Description: This protocol is for 5' end labeling RNA with T4 polynucleotide kinase (PNK).

RNA Structure/Function Protocols: Alkaline Hydrolysis, RNA Sequencing and RNA Structure Analyses with Nucleases
Description: How to use RNases A, T1 and V1 to provide information about the structure of an RNA molecule. Includes two protocols for preparing RNA "ladders" for analysis by gel electrophoresis.

TURBO DNA-free™ Second Digest Protocol
Description: This resource is provided for those TURBO DNA-free customers that would prefer a procedure that allows a second DNA digestion step.


A Virtually RNase-free DNase I - TechNotes 9(5)
Description: Recombinant DNase I offers advantages for RT-PCR and diagnostic applications

Combat RNase Contamination in the Lab - TechNotes 11(2)

Description: Ambion provides a complete selection of products to help prevent, detect, and eliminate RNase
contamination in molecular biology experiments.

Detect RNases Before They Ruin Your Experiment - TechNotes 8(2)
Description: New 30 minute test for verifying that common lab solutions are RNase-free

Determining RNA Probe Specific Activity and Yield - Technical Bulletin #174

How to Maintain an RNase-free Lab - Technical Bulletin #180

Measuring RNase Activity- A Real-time Kinetic Analysis - TechNotes 8(4)
Description: Detect nuclease and standardize enzyme activity

RNase and DEPC Treatment: Fact or Laboratory Myth - Technical Bulletin #178

RNase Activity in Mouse Tissue: Classification, Hierarchy, and Methods for Control - TechNotes 12(3)
Description: A comparison of total RNase activities in 8 different mouse tissues, with recommendations for the best RNA isolation methods.

SUPERase•In™: The Right Choice for Protecting Your RNA - TechNotes 8(2)
Description: New ribonuclease inhibitor that inhibits a broader range of RNases over a broader range of conditions than traditional RNase inhibitors.

The World´s Best DNase: Improved TURBO DNA-free™ - TechNotes 11(4)
Description: The efficiency and potency of Ambion's engineered form of DNase I has been enhanced even further in the latest version of the TURBO DNA-free Kit.

Which Water to Use? - TechNotes 11(4)

Description: Don't overlook the water used in the experiment when trying to pinpoint the source of RNase contamination.

Your Data: RNase A Molecules are Used to Study the Structure of Amyloid-like Fibrils
Description: A summary of recently published data on protein refolding during the formation of amyloid fibrils and the retention of native protein function demonstrated through the use of Ambion's RNaseAlert® technology.