Coprecipitants for Demanding Molecular Biology Applications - TechNotes 10(2)
Description: An overview of Ambion's coprecipitant products for use during the precipitation of small amounts of nucleic acids.

Get More From Your Blots with ULTRAhyb® Technology - TechNotes 14(2)
Description: Here we show that by selecting a more sensitive hybridization buffer, the percentage of target molecules that hybridize to probe on a Northern blot can be significantly increased.

RNAlater® Solution Around the World: Stabilizing Expression Profiles - TechNotes 14(2)

Description: Here we describe how three different research groups used RNAlater Solution to preserve samples for microarray and RT-PCR studies.

Thaw Frozen Tissues without Damaging RNA - TechNotes 10(2)
Description: RNAlater-ICE is a unique RNA stabilizing solution - simply drop frozen tissues into RNAlater-ICE and walk away! The tissues thaw without risk of RNA degradation. Once thawed the tissues can be processed like fresh tissues.

Which Water to Use? - TechNotes 11(4)
Description: Don't overlook the water used in the experiment when trying to pinpoint the source of RNase contamination.