General Articles

DNA and RNA Molecular Weights and Conversions
Description: Conversion factors and tables for nucleotide molecular weight, nucleic acid size to molecular weight conversions, nucleotide absorbance maxima, and absorbance units to nucleic acid concentration conversions.

DNA Marker Sizes
Description: This table lists the sizes of commonly used DNA markers, including Lambda DNA cleaved with Hind III, pUC 19 DNA cleaved with Sau3A, and pUC 19 DNA cleaved with Hpa II.

Gel Electrophoresis Tables
Description: Tables of recommended polyacrylamide and agarose concentrations for separation of different sized nucleic acids and dye migration characteristics in gels of varying polyacrylamide concentrations.

Hang Up in the Wells
Description: Preventing Samples from Remaining in the Wells of Your Gels

Tips from the Bench
Description: Having Trouble Visualizing Your RNA Markers? Does Increasing Input Total RNA Affect Yield of RT-PCR Product?


Agarose Gel Electrophoresis of RNA
Description: A protocol for denaturing gel electrophoresis of RNA for Northern blot or quality assessment. Native gel electrophoresis is also described.


Analyze RNA with Reagents You Can Trust - TechNotes 11(6)
Description: A review of our complete line of nuclease-free electrophoresis markers and reagents.

Markers and Reagents for DNA Analysis - TechNotes 11(6)
Description: Ambion's complete line of products commonly used for DNA analysis.

Stable Markers for Northern Analysis - TechNotes 8(4)
Description: Markers provided in formamide for increased RNase resistance.