Advanced Real-Time PCR Technology
For gene expression, microRNA expression, pathogen detection, genotyping, or translocation analysis, try our easy-to-use StepOne Real-Time PCR. 

Five FAQs on RLM-RACE and Five Ways to Improve Your RLM-RACE Reactions 

Five Ways to Improve Your RLM-RACE Reactions  Using 18S rRNA as an Internal Control for Relative RT-PCR

Reverse Transcription for RT-PCR
A flexible kit perfect for any reverse transcription procedure.

Streamline the Path from RNA to Real-Time PCR Results
Applied Biosystems newest suite of product offerings minimizes hands-on time and reduces error with one-step, single-tube protocols for reverse transcription and PCR.

The Basics RT- PCR
RT-PCR (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) is the most sensitive technique for mRNA detection and quantitation currently available.

Top Ten Most Common Real-Time qRT-PCR Pitfalls
Description:  Avoid these Pitfalls.

Top Ten Pitfalls in Quantitative Real-time PCR Primer Probe Design and Use

Tips and Tricks for Ambion® Cells to Ct

RNA Isolation for qRT-PCR