General Articles

Amino Allyl Labeling for Array Analysis
Description:  This short article discusses the differences between direct incorporation and post-synthesis reaction methods for fluorescently labeling nucleic acids for array analysis.

RNA Amplification Tips
Two tips for improved RNA recovery following RNA amplification.

The Basics In Vitro Transcription
Description:  The ability to synthesize RNA in the laboratory is critical to many techniques.

Tips for Optimizing Bacterial Array Analysis
Advice on the isolation of RNA from bacteria for array analysis, including the use of Ambion's RNAlater™ storage solution, RiboPure™ Bacteria RNA Isolation Kit, MicrobEnrich™ and MicrobExpress™ Kits.

Tips for Successful RNA Amplification
Our recommendations for performing consistent and reproducible RNA amplifications for microarray analysis.

Using Excess Labeled aRNA for Microarray Validation
Amplified RNA is shown to be suitable for TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays. This means that the excess amplified RNA can be used to pre-screen microarray samples or to validate microarray results.

Using Non-Preferred Plate Shakers for MessageAmp™ Premier Reactions
In this article we outline tips for improving recovery of MessageAmp™ Premier reaction products when using other (non-preferred) laboratory shakers.


A More Efficient Way to Amplify and Biotin Label RNA for Microarray Analysis- TechNotes 14(4)
Description: The Ambion® MessageAmp™ Premier RNA Amplification Kit is the latest innovation for the preparation of RNA samples for microarray analysis.

Amplify and Biotinylate RNA for Use on Illumina® Sentrix® Arrays - TechNotes 13(1)
Description: The Illumina® TotalPrep™ RNA Amplification Kit is a complete system for generating biotinylated, amplified RNA for hybridization with Illumina Sentrix arrays.

Analysis of Microarray Data
- TechNotes 9(5)
Description: A comparison of data from mRNA and corresponding aRNA samples

aRNA Synthesis and Labeling for Array Analysis - TechNotes 12(1)
Description: Ambion's new Amino Allyl MessageAmp™ II aRNA Amplification Kit--now available with Cy™3, Cy™5, both Cy3 & Cy5, or without dyes.

Automated Workflow: RNA Amplification and Labeling for Microarray Analysis - TechNotes 15(2)
Description: This article describes how the MessageAmp™ Premier RNA Amplification Kit protocol can be completely automated using the Caliper Sciclone ALH 3000 Workstation to produce high quality aRNA from 8 to 96 samples in a single day.

Bacterial Whole Genome Array Analysis - TechNotes 11(4)
Description: How to obtain high quality bacterial RNA for array analysis, including tips, useful products, and data.

Critical Parameters for Successful RNA Amplification - TechNotes 11(1)
Description: Four factors to consider to maximize the quality and yield of amplified RNA. How to increase labeling efficiency is also discussed.

Examination of Global 3' Bias on Microarrays - TechNotes 15(3)
Description: Quality control procedure for our MessageAmp™ Premier Kit requires that aRNA prepared using the kit meets rigorous 3'/5' signal ratios when hybridized to the GeneChip® human U133A2.0 probe array.

Get Longer cDNA (and aRNA) with ArrayScript™ M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase
- TechNotes 11(6)
Description: Specifically engineered to produce high yields of full-length cDNA.

High Throughput aRNA Amplification - TechNotes 12(1)
Description: An overview (with sample data) of Ambion's new MessageAmp™ II-96 aRNA Amplification Kit.

Improved Gene Expression Profiling With Mouse Blood Samples - TechNotes 13(4)
Use of the Mouse RiboPure™-Blood RNA isolation Kit and GLOBINclear™ Mouse/Rat Globin mRNA depletion technology for gene expression analysis resulted in increased sensitivity and reproducibility on Affymetrix GeneChip® microarrays.

Improved Methods for Gene Expression Profiling from Blood Samples - TechNotes 13(3)
Description: Ambion offers integrated solutions for gene expression profiling from whole blood, including products for sample collection and stabilization, blood cell fractionation, RNA isolation, and globin mRNA removal.

Increase Signal and Detect More Genes on Affymetrix® Arrays with MessageAmp™ II-Biotin Enhanced Kit
- TechNotes 12(4)
Description: Ambion's MessageAmp II-Biotin Enhanced Kit and a competitor’s kit were compared, demonstrating a significant improvement in performance relative to the competing amplification process.

Isolate RNA for Global Transcriptome Analysis- TechNotes 13(3)
Description: Recently, Ambion scientists collaborated with researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, and Illumina, Inc. to assess global gene expression profiles in a mouse xenograft model for prostate cancer. An overview of their results is presented here.

Is RNA Amplification Necessary for Microarrays  - TechNotes 11(3)
Description: In this article we provide a brief synopsis of the findings of Polacek et al. (2) and Feldman et al. (3) on why amplified RNA (aRNA) might be a better choice than unamplified RNA for microarrays.

MessageAmp™ II: Use Less RNA for Array Analysis - TechNotes 11(5)
Description: Amplify as little as 100 ng in a single round.

Optimized Biopsy Preservation for Clinical Gene Expression and Profiling - TechNotes 13(4)
Description: In the studies described here, RNAlater® Solution was used to store and stabilize clinical skin biopsy samples for gene expression analysis via real time RT-PCR and array analysis.

Perform Microarray Analysis with Limited Bacterial RNA - TechNotes 11(5)
Description: Amplify bacterial RNA for array analysis with our new MessageAmp™ II-Bacteria Kit.

Research Highlight: Superior Microarray Data from Blood Samples - TechNotes 14(4)
Description: Array analysis using total RNA with a high percentage of globin mRNA reduces signal-to-noise ratios, while increasing signal variation. Our GLOBINclear™ Whole Blood Globin Reduction Kits solve this problem.

Research Highlight: The MicroArray Quality Control Project - TechNotes 14(1)
Description: To help establish controls and guidelines for performing informative microarray experiments, the US Food and Drug Administration initiated the MicroArray Quality Control (MAQC) Project. This article summarizes Phase I results published in a recent issue of Nature Biotechnology.

RNA Amplification for Array Analysis
- TechNotes 11(2)
Description: Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about RNA amplification.

RNA Amplification Just Got Better: MessageAmp™ II- TechNotes 11(4)
Description: Amplify as little as 100 ng RNA in a single round and maximize yields of full-length cDNA with Ambion's new MessageAmp II aRNA Amplification Kit.

RNAlater® Around the World: Preserve Prognostic Gene Expression Signatures for Microarray Analyses - TechNotes 13(3)
Description: Scientists at Veridex LLC designed a study to assess gene expression profiling from paired tumor samples. They found no significant differences in RNA yield and quality with RNAlater-preserved vs snap-frozen tissues.

RNAlater™ Preserves Bacterial Gene Expression Profiles for Array Analysis - TechNotes 9(5)
Description: Arresting gene expression patterns during sample processing

Simplified, Efficient, Single-Round RNA Amplification for Microarray Analysis
- TechNotes 15(1)
Description: The new Ambion® MessageAmp™ Premier and MessageAmp III RNA Amplification Kits include innovations that both shorten the protocol and increase amplification efficiency.

Superior Gene Expression Profiling with Human Whole Blood Samples - TechNotes 14(3)
Description: This article describes an integrated workflow for gene expression profiling from human whole blood using a selection of Applied Biosystems products.

Superior RNA for Demanding Applications - TechNotes 9(6)
Description: A description of Ambion's RNA products, including RNA from specific regions of the human brain and other human RNAs from diverse normal and diseased tissues.

Synthesize High Yields of Biotinylated aRNA
- TechNotes 12(3)
Description: Ambion's MessageAmp™ II-Biotin Enhanced Kit is a complete single round amplification kit for biotin array analysis.