Amino Allyl Labeling for Array Analysis
Description:  This short article discusses the differences between direct incorporation and post-synthesis reaction methods for fluorescently labeling nucleic acids for array analysis.

RNA Amplification Tips
Two tips for improved RNA recovery following RNA amplification.

The Basics In Vitro Transcription
Description:  The ability to synthesize RNA in the laboratory is critical to many techniques.

Tips for Optimizing Bacterial Array Analysis
Advice on the isolation of RNA from bacteria for array analysis, including the use of Ambion's RNAlater™ storage solution, RiboPure™ Bacteria RNA Isolation Kit, MicrobEnrich™ and MicrobExpress™ Kits.

Tips for Successful RNA Amplification
Our recommendations for performing consistent and reproducible RNA amplifications for microarray analysis.

Using Excess Labeled aRNA for Microarray Validation
Amplified RNA is shown to be suitable for TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays. This means that the excess amplified RNA can be used to pre-screen microarray samples or to validate microarray results.

Using Non-Preferred Plate Shakers for MessageAmp™ Premier Reactions
In this article we outline tips for improving recovery of MessageAmp™ Premier reaction products when using other (non-preferred) laboratory shakers.