The easiest way to obtain your gene of interest is to purchase it directly from our Ultimate™ ORF Clone Collection.  The Ultimate™ Human and Mouse ORF Clone Collection offers full-insert sequenced clones in a Gateway® vector for direct access to virtually unlimited downstream applications.

Ultimate™ human and mouse open reading frames (ORFs)

  • Time-saving tools - full-length, sequence-verified ORFs eliminate the tedious procedures of RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, and sequence validation
  • Reliable quality - guaranteed to match the corresponding reference sequence in the GenBank® database at the amino acid level*
  • Comprehensive selection - over 16,000 clones available for important gene families like kinases, nuclear hormone receptors, cytokines, and transcription factors (just to name a few)

Find your ORF today

  • Visit our Ultimate™ ORF Clones page and select Clone Collections to see what Ultimate™ ORF Clones are available.

Our bioinformatics tool will allow you to search our collections using keywords, sequence blast, accession numbers, or clone IDs.  You can also use the Gene Ontology classification to browse the entire collection.  Each clone has an Ultimate™ ORF Card that brings together all the information you need on each ORF clone, including splice variants, gene symbol, Gene Ontology, SNPs, and detailed protein annotation.  The Ultimate™ ORF Clone Collection is updated quarterly with the most current information from the GenBank®, Ensembl, and Swiss-Prot databases.

We frequently monitor the collection so that if any Ultimate™ ORF Clone becomes invalid, it is deactivated and moved to the ORFanage Collection.