We offer a variety of primary cultures and established cell lines, as well as reagents, media, sera, and growth factors for your cell culture experiments. The links below contain lists of the more commonly used cell lines and our other cell culture products.

Cell Culture Products

  • Cell Lines:  In addition to the mammalian and insect cell lines listed below, we offer primary mammalian cells and complete cell culture systems, including keratinocyte, fibroblast, melanocyte, hepatocyte, corneal and mammary epithelial, large vessel and microvascular endothelial, smooth muscle, and neuronal cell culture systems.

  • Cell Culture Media:  Gibco Cell Culture Media products are designed to support the growth of a range of mammalian cell lines.

  • Insect Cell Culture Media:  Gibco insect media have been formulated for maximum growth and protein yields.

  • Serum Free Media & Specialty Media:  As the world’s largest manufacturer of cell culture media, we lead the way in the development of innovative specialty media, including serum free media options. 

  • Fetal Bovine Serum & Other Sera:  We offer Gibco animal sera, both bovine and nonbovine, for cell culture applications, the most widely used being fetal bovine serum (FBS).

  • Cell Culture Reagents:  Use quality Gibco cell culture reagents.

  • Cell Culture Plastics:  Find the dishes, plates, flasks, tubes, and inserts that are validated with trusted Gibco media to confirm optimum cell growth in multiple cell lines.

  • Transfection Reagents:  See our portfolio of effective transfection products to choose the solution that’s right for you.

  • Media Supplements:  We produce an extensive selection of media supplements to ensure the reliability and consistency of your cell culture research.

  • Extracellular Matrices (ECM):  Find attachment factors and matrices.

  • Growth Factors:  We offer an array of highly-potent and highly-pure growth factors, chemokines, cytokines, and other proteins and protein inhibitors validated for use in cell culture.

  • Cell Culture Instruments & Equipment:  Advance your research with proven cell culture instruments and equipment, including CO2 incubators, biological safety cabinets, general purpose centrifuges, lab refrigerators and freezers, automated cell counters, and cell imaging systems.

Cell Culture & Transfection Learning Center
Access cell culture and transfection educational resources for better experiment planning and execution.

Media Formulation Tool
Find the right Gibco media formulation for DMEM, DMEM/F-12, MEM, and RPMI-1640 media.

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Cell Culture & Transfection Support Center
Find technical support recommendations for your cell culture and transfection workflows, including tips for experimental setup and in-depth troubleshooting help.

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