This section provides guidelines and general procedures for routine subculturing, thawing, and freezing of cells in culture.

Note that cell culture conditions vary for each cell type.  The consequences of deviating from the culture conditions required for a particular cell type can range from the expression of aberrant phenotypes to a complete failure of the cell culture.  We therefore recommend that you familiarize yourself with your cell line of interest, and closely follow the instructions provided with each product you are using in your experiments.

Methods & Cell Culture Protocols

  • Concentrating Cells:  A procedure to concentrate cells from suspension culture or to resuspend cells from a monolayer culture.
  • 3D Cell Culture Protocols: Suggested protocols for generation of spheroids from the most commonly used cancer cell lines using Nunclon Sphera cell culture plastics and Gibco Media.
  • Freezing Cells:  A general procedure to properly cryopreserving cell lines.

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