Introduction to Protein Detection—Section 9.1

  • Proteomics: A Rapidly Developing Field
  • Molecular Probes Detection Technology for Proteomics

Protein Quantitation in Solution—Section 9.2

  • Quant-iT and Qubit Protein Assay Kits
  • Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer
  • NanoOrange Protein Quantitation Kit
  • CBQCA Protein Quantitation Kit
  • EZQ Protein Quantitation Kit
  • Other Reagents for Protein Quantitation in Solution

Protein Detection on Gels, Blots and Arrays—Section 9.3

  • SYPRO Protein Gel Stains
  • Coomassie Fluor Orange Protein Gel Stain
  • Rhinohide Polyacrylamide Gel Strengthener
  • SYPRO Ruby Protein Blot Stain
  • Protein Detection on Microarrays
  • Protein Detection in Capillary Electrophoresis

Detecting Protein Modifications—Section 9.4

  • Click-iT Reagents for Detecting Protein Synthesis and Modifications
  • Pro-Q Diamond Phosphoprotein Stain for Gels and Blots
  • Pro-Q Glycoprotein Stain Kits for Gels and Blots
  • Other Specialized Techniques for Detecting Specific Proteins on Gels and Blots

Peptide Analysis, Sequencing and Synthesis—Section 9.5

  • N-Terminal Amino Acid Analysis
  • Peptide Sequencing
  • Peptide Synthesis

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