Table 23.6 CoverWell chamber gaskets.

Cat # Number of Wells Well Dimensions Depth Approximate Volume Per Chamber Quantity per Package
CoverWell incubation chamber gaskets
C18150140 mm × 22 mm0.2 mm200 µL25
C18151140 mm × 22 mm0.5 mm500 µL50
C18155113 mm diameter0.2 mm20 µL25
C18156113 mm diameter0.5 mm20 µL50
CoverWell imaging chamber gaskets
C18160120 mm diameter0.5 mm180 µL40
C18161120 mm diameter1.0 mm300 µL40
C24726 *120 mm diameter0.5 mm180 µL40
C24727 *120 mm diameter1.0 mm300 µL40
CoverWell perfusion chamber gaskets
C18120132 mm × 19 mm0.5 mm350 µL40
C18121132 mm × 19 mm1.0 mm550 µL40
C18128419 mm × 6 mm0.5 mm70 µL40
C18136120 mm diameter1.0 mm300 µL40
C1813989 mm diameter0.5 mm35 µL20
C1814089 mm diameter1.0 mm60 µL20
C1814189 mm diameter2.0 mm100 µL20
C1814289 mm diameter2.5 mm150 µL20
* With adhesive on one side.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.