Introduction to Signal Amplification—Section 6.1

  • Signal Amplification: Why and How
  • Primary and Secondary Detection Reagents

TSA and Other Peroxidase-Based Signal Amplification Techniques—Section 6.2

  • Principles of Tyramide Signal Amplification
  • A Variety of Kits for TSA Detection
  • Applying TSA Technology to Cells and Tissues
  • Chromogenic and Chemiluminescent Peroxidase Substrates
  • Peroxidase-Based Amplex ELISA Kits

Phosphatase-Based Signal Amplification Techniques—Section 6.3

  • Principles of ELF Signal Amplification
  • Applications of ELF Signal Amplification
  • Chromogenic Phosphatase Substrate
  • CSPD and CDP-Star Chemiluminescent ELISA Detection

Phycobiliproteins—Section 6.4

  • Spectral Characteristics of Phycobiliproteins
  • Pure Phycobiliproteins
  • Phycobiliprotein Conjugates
  • Zenon Antibody Labeling Technology

Microspheres—Section 6.5

  • Properties of Molecular Probes Fluorescent and Nonfluorescent Microspheres
  • Applications for Fluorescent Microspheres
  • FluoSpheres Fluorescent Microspheres
  • Fluorescent Microsphere Starter Kits
  • Fluorescent Microspheres for Educational Purposes
  • TransFluoSpheres Fluorescent Microspheres: Tools for Multicolor Detection
  • BlockAid Blocking Solution

Qdot Nanocrystals—Section 6.6

  • Properties of Qdot Nanocrystals
  • Qdot Nanocrystal Products and Applications

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.