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Simplified Stem Cell Imaging—FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station

  • Simple—collect images in no time with an intuitive user interface
  • Practical—print cell images and place them in your notebook
  • Accessible—capture fluorescent cell images at your bench, not in the darkroom

Designed in collaboration with fluorescence microscope users, the FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station integrates microscope optics, a wide-screen LCD monitor, an onboard computer, camera, and software to capture high-quality three-color fluorescent cell images right at your bench in just a few clicks of the mouse.

The FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station features three fluorescence channels that correspond to the wavelengths of the most commonly used dyes (DAPI, FITC, and Texas Red® dye) and fluorescent proteins used in stem cell research, as well as a relief phase-contrast channel—each available with the click of a mouse. The open-stage design makes it easy for users to image slides, multi-well culture dishes, or even T-75 flasks, facilitating quick visual checks of stem cell cultures. And because the FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station incorporates an ambient-light shield, it can sit right on your lab bench, not in some distant darkroom. An accessory printer may also be purchased that produces adhesive-backed images for your notebook.

The FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station offers fast results, with no warm-up or cool-down periods required and no confusing changeable filters to manage. Additionally, the intuitive software interface was designed with easy-to-use image capture and processing functions and access to detailed information on over 160 cell-imaging reagents in 20 application areas, including sample images of stained cells and step-by-step protocols.


  Figure 1. Live H9 human embryonic stem cells were cultured in a 24-well dish and stained with alkaline phosphatase indicator (green) for pluripotency and NucBlue™ Live Cell Stain. Stained cells were imaged on the FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station.

For Research Use Only. CAUTION: Not intended for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use.

New ABfinity™ Recombinant Antibodies for Analyzing Stem Cells

  • ABfinity™ stem cell recombinant antibodies are screened to be sensitive and specific
  • Consistent performance for your assays
  • Consistent product from lot to lot

ABfinity™ recombinant rabbit antibodies are produced from specific recombinant clones, so antibody performance is consistent over time. Lot-to-lot variability, commonly a problem with polyclonal products, is minimized with ABfinity™ antibodies.

Over the past year we have released several new ABfinity™ recombinant antibodies to support stem cell research. These antibodies recognize both internal and external targets in several different stem cell types. In addition to the monoclonal versions, we offer oligoclonal versions of several of these specificities. Oligoclonal ABfinity™ products are a mixture of recombinant monoclonal antibodies and offer the improved signal strength you get with polyclonal antibodies, combined with the highly reproducible results you get from monoclonals.


  Figure 2. Immunocytochemical analysis of HeLa cells incubated with Hiwi Rabbit Recombinant Oligoclonal Antibody and stained with (a) Alexa Fluor® 488 goat anti-rabbit (green); (b) DAPI nuclear stain (blue); and (c) Alexa Fluor® 594 phalloidin actin stain (red). (d) A composite image from all three fluorescent channels.

ABfinity™ Stem Cell Antibody Selection Guide

Description Stem cell target Validation* Monoclonal Cat. No. Oligoclonal Cat. No.
 E-Cadherin  Embryonic stem cells  WB/ICC  701134  710161
 Rex1  Embryonic stem cells  Assay/WB/ICC  701159  710190
 Integrin alpha 6  Embryonic stem cells  Assay/WB/ICC  701178  710209
 LMO2  Hemangioblasts  Assay/WB/ICC  --  710187
 Runx1  Hemangioblasts  Assay/WB/ICC  701202  710233
 Hiwi  Hematopoietic cells  Assay/WB/ICC  701177  710208
 GATA2  Hematopoietic cells  Assay/WB/ICC  --  710242
 PDGFR-alpha  Mesenchymal stem cells WB/ICC  701142  710169
 Adiponectin  Mesenchymal stem cells Assay/WB/ICC  701148  710179
 FABP4  Mesenchymal stem cells  Assay/WB/ICC  701158  710189
 Nucleostemin  Neural stem cells  Assay/WB/ICC  701157  710188
 PitX3  Neural stem cells  Assay/WB/ICC  701181  710212
 Musashi-1  Neural stem cells  Assay/WB/ICC  --  710237
 Pax 3  Retinal cells  Assay/WB/ICC  701147  710178

*WB = Western blot, ICC = Immunocytochemistry

For Research Use Only. CAUTION: Not intended for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use.

Human-Expressed BMP-4, activin A, and TPO With High Bioactivity

Gibco® recombinant proteins offer:

  • High biological activity
  • High purity
  • Proven compatibility with Gibco® media

We have recently released BMP-4, activin A, and TPO manufactured using a human expression system. This helps ensure that the resulting proteins are highly bioactive, with the same processing as normally seen in the native human protein.

Gibco® cytokines and growth factors are high-purity recombinant proteins with high bioactivity. Gibco® growth factors are of the highest quality because each protein is analyzed for purity along with structural homogeneity to help ensure a biologically active protein is produced. And Gibco® cytokines and growth factors have been bioassayed with Gibco® media. Get your cytokines and growth factors from the media company you use and trust.

For Research Use Only. CAUTION: Not intended for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use.

Keep up-to-date with the latest cell biology products and applications focused on cellular analysis research.

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