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7 things to know about biosimilars

Productivity—doing more with less

The industry continues to drive to find process efficiencies and reduce costs. Here are some of our innovations that are helping our customers maximize their resources.

Efficient downstream processing of AAV viral vectors

Manufacturers of products for gene therapy face challenges developing efficient commercial capabilities. Thermo Scientific affinity chromatography for purification of these adeno-associated virus vector-based therapies offers clear advantages for obtaining high purity and high yield in a single step.

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A day in the life: focused on risk mitigation


Meet Janelle Halesworth, our business continuity management systems manager. “We are dedicated to developing, maintaining, and continually improving our business continuity management system in order to ensure personnel safety, a continuous supply chain for customers, and reduced risk and loss from business interruption events.”


Featured video: Novel methods for glycan analysis

Learn about the first glycan analysis method to combine both high throughput and high quality. View video ›

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By the numbers: 14

Not-approved complete response letters issued by FDA in 2016, compared to 2 in 2015. The most common reason cited was non-compliance with cGMP regulations.*

* Mullard, Asher “2016 FDA drug approvals.” Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. February 2017. Pages 73–76.

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