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Amplify signals for fluorescence imaging: SuperBoost Kits with Alexa Fluor tyramides for signal amplification

Many functionally important proteins such as transcription factors and cell-surface cytokine receptors have native expression levels far below the detection threshold of labeled primary and secondary antibodies. The Invitrogen SuperBoost kits with Alexa Fluor tyramides provide a highly sensitive method for detecting low-abundance targets in immunocytochemistry (ICC), immunohistochemistry (IHC), and in situ hybridization (ISH) applications. Tyramide SuperBoost technology combines the brightness of Alexa Fluor dyes with poly-HRP–mediated tyramide signal amplification to discern signal from noise, yielding precision and sensitivity 10–200 times greater than that of standard ICC/IHC/ISH methods and 2–10 times greater than that of other tyramide amplification techniques, including traditional TSA™ methods.

Fluorophore and Reagent Selection Guide for Flow Cytometry

The Fluorophore and Reagent Selection Guide poster in the center of BioProbes 75 highlights the recommended fluorescent dyes and fluorescent proteins for six different excitation lasers, as well as their common emission filters and Attune NxT channel. Also included for each laser are dyes for viability, DNA content/cell cycle, cell proliferation, apoptosis, reactive oxygen species, and phagocytosis assays. Use this poster to choose the best reagents for your next flow cytometry experiment.


Strengthening our flow cytometry portfolio: eBioscience antibodies

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we are committed to furthering your scientific advances by providing a comprehensive suite of products for the analysis of cells and their functions. The addition of the eBioscience portfolio of flow cytometry antibodies and reagents to the innovative Invitrogen flow cytometry reagents and instruments enables us to better provide the tools your experiments demand. We are fully committed to maintaining product quality while also making the transition as seamless as possible for you. Beyond our products, we also provide dedicated service and support teams and educational resources to help support your studies. From antibodies and functional reagents to instrumentation, Thermo Fisher Scientific is now poised to more fully serve your research needs. We are focused on advancing meaningful discoveries and partnering to make tools for cellular analysis effective, affordable, and widely accessible for all life scientists.

Learn more about our wide-ranging array of flow cytometry products at thermofisher.com/flowcytometry


Behind the Bench blog goes with the flow

Do you work with a flow cytometer? Do you want to learn more from experienced scientists in the field? Thermo Fisher Scientific now has an archive of flow cytometry articles available on the “Behind the Bench” blog. Learn about “Flow cytometer fluidics and why they are not all the same” from Greg Kaduchak, PhD, Thermo Fisher Scientific R&D Engineer. Studying cell proliferation using CFSE or BrdU? We have the blog for you! Get advice from Andrew Filby, PhD, Flow Cytometry Core Facility Director and ISAC SRL-Emerging Leader at Newcastle University, UK, or Bill Telford, PhD, Flow Cytometry Research Core Manager at the National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland, to help you get the most from your CFSE- or BrdUbased cell proliferation assays.

Read all about it at thermofisher.com/flowblog


eLearning modules for protein and cell analysis

We are pleased to announce the release of several eLearning modules for protein and cell analysis applications. Available in the new and improved Protein and Cell Analysis Education virtual environment, these self-paced animated courses include knowledge checks throughout and a practical applications component to help you see what you have learned. The first courses cover:

  • T cell stimulation and proliferation: Part 1 and Part 2
  • Protein sample preparation—Techniques and applications: Part 1 and Part 2

All content is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is viewable from the convenience of your desk, tablet, or mobile device.

See what it's all about at thermofisher.com/elearningcourses


The newest Molecular Probes School of Fluorescence module: Fluorescence Basics

The module “Fluorescence Basics” is now available online at the Molecular Probes School of Fluorescence. It covers the fundamentals of fluorescence, from the process of fluorescence and photobleaching to the anatomy of a fluorescence spectrum and how filters work, and is brought to you by the scientists who created the Molecular Probes Handbook and the “Imaging Basics” module.

Check it out today at thermofisher.com/mpsf-fluorescence

Antibodies Learning Center

Antibodies Learning Center now online

Invitrogen primary and secondary antibodies represent a large and ever-improving portfolio of products designed to help researchers identify, locate, quantitate, and purify proteins and other biomolecules. Selecting individual antibody products from among hundreds of options can be a challenge. The Thermo Fisher Scientific Antibodies Learning Center contains educational materials designed to empower researchers and technicians with the background information about immunotechnologies that is necessary to develop, select, and use antibodies to advance their research.

Learn more at thermofisher.com/ablearning


Protein purification tools poster available upon request

Now available upon request, the protein purification tools poster provides helpful information about the Thermo Scientific and Invitrogen portfolios of magnetic beads and magnetic agarose, as well as Superflow and POROS resins for applications ranging from small-scale high-throughput screening to process-scale purification. This poster features practical information, including binding capacity, maximum flow rates, and the recommended application scale and packaging options for each product. Key upstream and downstream products are also highlighted as part of the integrated protein purification workflows.

Request your free poster today (see terms and conditions) at thermofisher.com/purificationposter


Mass spectrometry technical handbook now available

The Mass Spectrometry Resources Center provides valuable tools to help with your mass spectrometry experiments, including a free 166-page technical handbook, Protein sample preparation and quantitation for mass spectrometry. In addition, you’ll have access to helpful white papers and late-breaking posters for specific applications like subcellular fractionation, crosslinking, peptide fractionation, isobaric labeling, and more. You can also hear from our experts on sample preparation and targeted proteomics workflows through our on-demand webinars.

Register now at thermofisher.com/msresources

Not for resale. Super Bright Polymer Dyes are sold under license from Becton, Dickinson and Company.