(July 2007)

New sections in BioProbes 53 make it easier to find the articles you want to read. Do you want the rundown on our newest products? Articles in NEW TECHNOLOGIES describe the new pH-sensitive pHrodo™ dye, Organelle Lights™ targeted fluorescent proteins, the Click-iT EdU cell proliferation assay for flow cytometry, and more. Would you rather get in-depth information about products you haven't tried yet? Articles in PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS include new data (often from other researchers) for the Qubit™ quantitation platform, the FIX & PERM® Cell Permeabilization Kit, the MitoSOX™ Red probe, and others. Want to learn about new resources on the web? Curious to see how other readers are using our products? Our new DEPARTMENTS include the latest web tools, recently published papers, articles written by our readers, and much more.

Download the entire  BioProbes 53 publication (2.46MB) or the individual articles below.

New Technologies

Putting the pH in phagocytosis—A no-wash, no-quench assay based on the pH-sensitive pHrodo™ dye

Cells from the inside out—Organelle Lights™ targeted fluorescent proteins

Breakthrough cell proliferation assay for flow cytometry—The Click-iT™ EdU Kit

Looking for apoptosis? New cleaved PARP-specific antibodies for detecting and quantifying ultralow levels of apoptosis

Important additions to the Alexa Fluor® dye series—A new amine-reactive form of the Alexa Fluor® 488 dye, and the new near-IR Alexa Fluor® 790 dye

Effortless protein conjugations for small animal in vivo imaging—SAIVI™ Rapid Antibody Labeling Kits

The latest in stem cell research—New antibodies and growth factors for key embryonic and mesenchymal stem cell applications

Practical Applications

Mercator™ multiplex phosphoantibody-based array—A novel platform for phosphoproteomic applications

How much DNA, RNA, or protein is in your sample? The Qubit™ quantitation platform

Simultaneously visualize surface and intracellular markers—FIX & PERM® Cell Permeabilization Kit and Zenon® labeling complexes

Seeing superoxide in a radical new light—An improved method for selectively detecting mitochondrial superoxide with MitoSOX™ Red probe


Commentary—Staining bacterial biofilms with classic fluorescent dyes, Betsey Pitts, Montana State University

Journal Highlight—Investigating apoptosis-induced loss of SYTO® dye fluorescence

On the Web—New web tools and resources to further your research

Endnote—How researchers are using our cellular analysis reagents