Lights. Cells. Action. Organelle Lights™ and Cellular Lights™ reagents
Molecular Probes® Organelle Lights™ and Cellular Lights™ reagents combine the selectivity of a targeted fluorescent protein with the transduction efficiency of BacMam technology, enabling unambiguous visualization of organelles and other cellular structures in live mammalian cells by fluorescence microscopy.

New Technologies

Faster, easier calcium flux assays—The the Fluo-4 Direct™ Assay Kit

Cytotoxicity and cell proliferation studies—The CyQUANT® Direct Cell Proliferation Assay

Optimal T cell expansion—New Gibco® OpTmizer™ SFM and proven AIM V® Medium

Near-infrared dye for live cell cycle analysis—Vybrant® DyeCycle™ Ruby Stain

Specific detection of gap junction proteins—Alexa Fluor® Dye–Conjugated Primary Antibodies

Practical Applications

Dead cell stains in flow cytometry: A comprehensive analysis—Viability detection in every color

Is it time to go direct? IgG antibody labeling methods as versatile as your imagination

The envelope, please: Best picture for biofilms—Advancing biology through direct fluorescence visualization

Click. Discover. Publish. More than 600 publication feature click chemistry to date

Traffic lights: Illuminating internalization pathways—pHrodo™ conjugates

Take advantage of brighter fluorogenic readouts for HRP-based ELISAs—Amplex® UltraRed Reagent

Isolation and expansion of mouse Treg cells using Dynabeads® technology—Dynabeads® FlowComp™ Mouse CD4+CD25+ Treg Cells

High-content analysis of cytotoxicity—Molecular Probes® tools meet the Acumen® X3 platform

Improve your image—Two easy steps to reduct background noise and preserve signal strenth


Journal Highlight—A pHrodo® dye–based method for monitoring the phagocytic internalization of apoptotic cells

On the Web—Fluorescence microscopy and immunofluorescence products at your fingertips

Just Released—Highlighting our newest cellular analysis products and technologies

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